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14 Crocodiles Escape From Resort in Costa Rica

Crocodiles Escape in Costa RicaPolice and park rangers of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) are still searching for 9 crocodiles, some up to 16 feet long, who escaped from an artificial lagoon of the Tabacon tourist centre in Veracruz de Los Chiles.

According to Major Rafael Araya, head of the local police unit, 5 of the 14 reptiles have been captured. Araya said the smallest is 11 feet long.

The reptiles were contained by the lagoon’s wire mesh and a concrete wall, but, apparently they were able to create a hole through which they escaped.

Officials believe they will find the remaining crocodiles in nearby lakes. The area surrounding the tourist centre is mountainous.

Tourists are urged to be careful in the area and report seeing the escaped crocodiles to local police if spotted.

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14 Crocodiles Escape From Resort in Costa Rica
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