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Website Traffic as of November 2013:

5,500 daily unique visitors, 165,000 monthly unique visitors, and 1.15 million monthly pageviews (we average 7+ pages per visit). As with any news website, traffic has highs and lows throughout the 30 days of the month based on trending articles, however these are averages. Feel free to request formal website traffic documents and reports during your time considering to advertise with The Costa Rica Star.


The Costa Rica Star is listed in Google News and therefore we receive thousands of daily website visits related to World news and Costa Rica national news. We are also the top English news media website in Costa Rica in terms of Social Media engagement and email subscribers. We have a truly amazing community of readers who come back day after day, and we work hard to earn their readership time ongoing.

50% of our website traffic comes from Costa Rica IP addresses, made up of 25% English speaking Ticos, and 25% Foreigners who speak English and live in Costa Rica. The other 50% of our website traffic comes from a global audience with business, family, political, or other interest here in Costa Rica. Many of our readers come from Europe and Southeast Asia, on top of our Canadian and United States readers.

The top browser accessing our website daily is Google Chrome followed by Firefox, and 30% of our monthly traffic comes from smart phones via Facebook Mobile, reading news content on our mobile optimized website interface. 60% of our website traffic is new visits and the remaining 40% is returning visitors. We see the returning visitors metric increasing incrementally over time. We suspect it will be closer to 50% new visits and 50% returning during the coming weeks.

Introduction to Advertising

We believe that we are different. We reach an audience that is affluent, young, and using smart phones. Yes, we understand the mobile internet and transparent easy to consume news media content. We mix old school marketing on the ground around Costa Rica with Internet Marketing that you would expect to see in 2015, as well as dive into the waters of experimental online marketing.

If you are new to our website and this is your first visit, go to our Facebook page and click on the “LIKE” button at the top to get familiar with us before you decide to do any advertising. We want you to feel comfortable with your choice to do business with us.

Business Advertising Onsite

We have a number of options for advertising your business within The Costa Rica Star website.


Costa Rica geo-targeted Press Releases for your local business.

We write the Press Release for you on behalf of your business, using a new school approach with a clear call to action at increasing your social influence and market penetration for your brand. Once published our Press Releases receive readership by thousands of people in Costa Rica and around the World, they rank very well in search engines, and drive direct awareness of your business or charity/community outreach.

Press Releases are a very good platform to launch a contest or drive specific business functions, such as social media growth or direct sales through promotional savings.

NOTE: Charity, Community, and Government focused Press Releases are always free.


In a calendar month The Costa Rica Star receives 165,000 monthly unique visits (on average), you can advertise to a select number of those visits. We are offering this service for small to medium size businesses who may want to test the conversion from our website before selecting from the options below.

Additionally if you want to specifically target a category of our website, we can do that as well. If you owned a mobile phone repair company in San Jose, you may only want your advertisement to display on the technology category of our website. Providing a more targeted approach, and better use of your Cost Per Mention advertising purchase.

As with any online advertising, nothing is static and you must always evolve and change your campaigns for the best results. If you need help with understanding analytics software for your website, we can provide a brief over-view of that concept for advertising spend tracking. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy working with us and walk away making a profit.

Marketing & Advertising Program
Premium Homepage Top Banner 770px x 90px (Responsive)

One simple way to drive lots of new propective customers to your business is thru the most viewed Ad on our site. This is the best and more prominent spot available on the homepage and paper wide.

Current Pricing (770×90)$2,600 Monthly

By purchasing this ad you get a 3 stage Animated Banner and a press release included.

Over $275 in added value

Premium Homepage 1 & 2. 300x250px

These 2 spaces are highly visible beside our home page slider for it’s size & price. Get maximum visibility & clicks with this Premium Ad on page #1.

1 & 2. Current Pricing( 300×250)$650 Monthly

If you buy either of these 2 Ads recieve a 50% discount on a press release for the 1st time advertiser.

All prices valid until July 1st 2015.

Ask about the new ownership promotion & how to earn free advertising

For first time advertiser only

All products can be purchased in Colones at the official exchange rate. Prices plus I.V.

Premium Homepage Mid Section: 1. 770x80px, 2. 368x100px

Buy any of these 2 attractive ads on our homepage’s mid section and feel comfortable that you’re leaving a long lasting impression driving more clients to your business.

1. Current Pricing (770×80)$650 Monthly.

Plus recieve a 50% discount on a press release

2. Current Pricing (368×100)$450 Monthly.

Including a press release

Homepage, Realestate: 1. 370×58, 2. 336×280, 3. 960×100

These 3 ads are some of the most affordable on our home page and are highly visible for those looking to maximize the Realestate Section.

We have some of the best realstate readership in the country with many customers from USA,Canada, UK, France & Germany

1.Current Pricing (370×58)$450 Monthly2.Current Pricing (336×280)$650 Monthly3.Current Pricing (960×100)$850 Monthly

Includes a Press Release and a 3 stage Animated Banner to pull better response than static ads*, a $275 added value

Categories Page Top: 1. 770×100, 2. 370×102, 3. 368×250

Once people reach the category they are interested in nothing drives a flood of eager customers to your business faster than getting an ad in this section. These ads are shown inside all categories of our newspaper

1.Current Pricing (770×100)$550 Monthly2.Current Pricing (370×102)$350 Monthly3.Current Pricing (368×250)$450 Monthly

Article Page Top: 1. 770×100, 2. 370×102, 3. 368×250

The Article Page receives direct traffic from Google search results, Facebook Twitter and our Newsletter. Making it one of the most strongest advertising options of the whole newspaper

1.Current Pricing (770×100)$650 Monthly2.Current Pricing (370×102)$450 Monthly3.Current Pricing (368×250)$550 Monthly

Categories & Articles Side Bar Pop Up Banner: Pop-up banners 368×100 to 368x500px

Here you have a great option to be exposed daily at any time with these extensive Pop-Up Ads. Your ad increases 5 times the original size!

Extended Pop-Up Banner

Your ad increases 5 times the original size! For an extra $100 you can have a second stage on the bigger banner with more info for your clients*

Current Pricing (368×100)$250 Monthly

Extensive Pop-Up to (100×500)

Includes a press release for 50% of the normal price. Best Bang for your Buck!

All Articles Bottom Banner 1. 723x90px

This banner will allow your brand to be exposed throughout all of our 35.000 articles that have been published in our newspaper

Current Pricing (728×90)$350 Monthly

Includes a 50% discount when buying a press release

All prices valid until July 1st 2015.

Ask about the new ownership promotion & how to earn free advertising

For first time advertiser only

All products can be purchased in Colones at the official exchange rate. Prices plus I.V.

Press Release

One page exclusively dedicated to your business and our Press Releases

The main objective of a press release is to announce something potentially newsworthy. It can showcase a range of news articles, including scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc.

It can also be used to generate a feature story. Clients are more likely to consider a product or idea if they first receive a press release. It is a fundamental tool for public relations which leads to the maintenance and growth of your prospective clients.

Press Release Current Pricing

$150 Monthly

Includes our written press release

$125 Monthly

When press release is provided by client

Add-on Marketing Services
  1. Cost per Mention

    One of the most popular content marketing strategies to gain exposure and ultimately generate revenue is to mention your business inside an article related with your comercial activity including a link to your web site embeded in the content. Other advertisers will be included to a limit of 3 per article.

    Current Pricing: $75 per mention
  2. Cost per Impression CPM

    An impression is the display of an ad to a user while viewing a web page. The abbreviation CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand, “M” refers to Roman Numeral. Advertisers pay every time an ad is displayed 1.000 times, a single pageview would result in one impression for each ad displayed.

    Current Pricing:

    • Home Page: $15 *
    • Article Page: $10 *
    • Categories Page: $20 *

    * Every thousand impressions

  3. Content Creation (Exclusive Article)

    With regards to Internet Marketing content is king. There is no better way to promote your business or activity on our newspaper than offering unique content that is relevant to our readership giving them useful information, creating conversation and engaging with them in a more thoughtful way, all while promoting your specific business. Let our professional writing staff write something for you today!

    Current Pricing:

    • $100 per article *

    Buy 3 articles per month and get the 4th free! *

    * Written by our professional team of writers and edited by our
    Editor in Chief.

  4. Newsletter Banner

    Our Newsletter has more than 7.500 engaged subscribers which we send to daily. TCRS offers you 2 banner options on top of our “Costa Rica Star News” section to create maximum awareness and exposure among our readership.

    Current Pricing:

    • $300 monthly per banner
    • $450 both banners
  5. Email Campaigns

    A large portion of consumers prefer to get offers via email and more than half of the 2 billion Internet users worldwide are more likely to buy after getting a marketing email and that same percentage check their email first thing every day. Start an email campaign and go straight to your consumers inbox.

    Current Pricing

    2.000 Subscribers

    • First Release: $150
    • 2nd.Delivery: $75
    • 3rd. Delivery: $50
    • 4th. Delivery: $25
    5.000 Subscribers

    • First Release: $200
    • 2nd.Delivery: $100
    • 3rd. Delivery: $75
    • 4th. Delivery: $50
    7.500 Subscribers

    • First Release: $300
    • 2nd.Delivery: $125
    • 3rd. Delivery: $100
    • 4th. Delivery: $75

    * Maximum of 5 advertisers per month

SEO Services

When people search for your products and services you obviously want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible, but the reasons for this are more than just because you want them to click through to your website. In the minds of consumers, your ranking is a vote of confidence, high search rankings makes you more credible in their eyes and it’s more likely that the consumer will purchase your product/service.

We have one of the best SEO teams in latin america and it’s ready to provide your business with visibility, traffic, ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behavior.

Custom quotes available upon requests

Contact Us for a Marketing Plan


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