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Author Archives: Marcel Evans

Wigo is the Hottest Mobile App of the Moment Standard

Source: iTunes App Store

Mobile app Wigo has become a hot topic of discussion among college students and it is the pet project of Ben Kaplan, the 23 year old college dropout. Wigo (Who is Going Out) is an application that helps college students to find out where their friends are going to meet up (study, meet up and do anything). Students have to sign up on the products website and download the highly popular app. Youngsters say that Wigo is similar to Yik Yak, the anonymous social media application available for iOS and Android. In an interview with Business Insider, developer of the…

Travel to Costa Rica and Become a Great Entrepreneur Standard

Flickr Commons

How can I develop the skills of a successful entrepreneur? This is a question that gets repeatedly asked in business circles in Costa Rica and anywhere else in the world. This question refers to the skills needed to be learned to become a successful entrepreneurship wizard. It is trickier to learn the soft skills of successful entrepreneur since these are not found in textbooks or webinars. Ambition and perseverance are necessary to learn the art of soft skills in successful business entrepreneurship. Drive and Ambition Ambition in entrepreneurship endeavors is like a muscle that you must exercise regularly to make…

US Offers $3 Million Reward to Detain Russian Hacker Standard

Source: FBI

The United States is offering a $3million reward for information on a Russian hacker charged with bank conspiracy and fraud. Russian citizen Evgeniy Bogachev is charged with running computer attacks that diverted more than one hundred million dollars. He was indicted in Pittsburgh last year on serious charges of bank fraud and conspiracy. The FBI has released pictures of Evgeniy Bogachev; he is charged in US with running a computer attack network called Game over Zeus which stole more than $100 million from online bank accounts. Unconfirmed reports about whereabouts of Evgeniy Bogachev had surfaced earlier. Major Threat to Security…

Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Work Life Standard

Flickr Commons

What is productivity really about? It essentially refers to doing more and more things in less time. Productivity is very important in this contemporary age of hectic work schedules. As we all know, time management is the most important and most talked about aspect of increasing productivity. As unexpected and unimportant tasks consume time, it is good to abstain from them by all possible means. Tips on productivity help an individual to maintain healthy balance between professional life and personal life. The following tips will make a person equipped with explosive productivity in office, home or virtual workplace. As big…

U.S. Nominates First Ambassador to Somalia in 24 Years Standard

Mogadishu - Wikimedia Commons

President Barack Obama has named seasoned diplomat Katherine Dhanani as the new ambassador to the African nation of Somalia after 24 years. According to the U.S. State department, they are planning to reopen the Embassy in Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu. The relationship between U.S. and Somalia got deteriorated in the beginning of 1990s as riots engulfed the poverty stricken African territory. The U.S. will have to confirm the name of Katherine Dhanani, who has rich experience and deep knowledge of African affairs. As reported by Al Jazeera: “The historic nomination signals the deepening relationship between the United States and Somalia….

Costa Rica’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Festival at Avenida Escazu April 5th Standard

Locally crafted beer will surprise palates at the Costa Rican Craft Brewers Association’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Festival. -The Festival will take place at Avenida Escazu Saturday, April 5th beginning at 11am and running until 5pm. -There will be more than 32 craft beers available for attendees to sample and enjoy. San Jose, Costa Rica – Craft brews created only in Costa Rica by small producers hailing from all over the country will bring over two thousand people to Avenida Escazu this April 5th for the Costa Rican Craft Brewers Association’s Third Annual Craft Beer Festival. The event, spearheaded by…

Costa Rican Authorities Seize and Relocate 17 Neglected Dogs Standard

On March 12, Costa Rican authorities in conjunction with animal protection groups rescued 17 dogs allegedly subjected to a hoarding situation. Humane Society International-Latin America, the Costa Rican Department of Animal Health (SENASA) and the Asociación para el Bienestar y Amparo Animal (Association for Animal Protection and Welfare, ABBA) participated in the operation. All the animals were willingly surrendered to the authorities, who acted in response to tips received about the inappropriate conditions in which the animals were being kept in a house in the suburbs of Cartago, the fourth largest city in the country. All dogs showed signs of…

4th Annual Ruta la Paz Race to Benefit Nonprofit Alliance APEGUA Standard

Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica: APEGUA (the Alliance for Progress of Education in Guanacaste) will be hosting a 5k/10k race on Saturday, May 3rd along the beautiful Guanacaste coastline. This popular annual event will see some changes in its fourth edition, including a new location (the race route will now span from Flamingo to Playa Potrero) and a new date. This year’s race, which is being organized by the renowned sporting event company Global Sportx Group, is being sponsored by our community partners Sugar Beach Hotel and Blue Water Properties Costa Rica. More than 750 runners from all over Costa Rica…

A Smartphone Made in Costa Rica by Ticos for Ticos Standard

In Costa Rica you can find just about any type of smartphone, from a variety of manufacturers, for all tastes and needs. But as of last Friday there is one particular cell phone that is made right here in Costa Rica and rivals any other smartphone in the market. Introducing the Sky II by Agora Wholesale, located in Lagunilla de Heredia. According to its creators, the smartphone was designed to meet the needs of its Tico users and costs much less than similar mobile phones. Carlos Fernández, spokersperson for Agora, says the development and design took less than a year,…

TEDx Pura Vida! Happening Today in Costa Rica Standard

The TEDx Pura Vida 2014 event, with 25 local and foreign exhibitors presenting their innovative ideas, will take place today, February 27th, at the Auditorio Nacional del Museo de los Niños. The event will also be available by video streaming at dozens of halls in different parts of the country at schools and businesses, like the TEC in San Carlos and Cartago and the Museo de Guanacaste, among others. Alicia Chong, director of streaming activity, said that only six of the seven provinces will have the feed, with Puntarenas missing, though expected to be added for the start of the…

TECOCOS Bill Supporters to March on Interamerican Highway Standard

Leaders and residents of Guanacaste’s coastal areas will take to the streets on Monday, February 24 to pressure congressmen to approve the Coastal Community Territories bill (TECOCOS – Ley de Territorios Costeros Comunitarios). A protest march has been scheduled for Monday on the Interamerican North highway, in the area around Limonal de Abangares, during early hours of the day, according to Lic Wilmar Matarrita, an advocate for the legislation. The key request they are making is to call extraordinary meetings regarding the TECOCOS bill, so that two parallel, related bills could be voted on and approved. In addition, they are…

Law Approved Granting Administrative Autonomy to Municipal District Councils Standard

Those interested in the effort to create a new Municipal District Council (MDC) that includes Nosara and Samara are now able to realize their goal, due to the approval of the Municipal District Council Autonomy Law on Tuesday, February 11th. The law, which regulates the creation, organization and functions of the MDCs, declares them to now be bodies with their own autonomy, assigned to the municipality in their respective canton. For that reason, the MDCs will now be able to receive municipal fees, such as those for permits, fines or taxes. In addition, any mayor or councilor who does not…

Nosara Yoga and Surf Fundraises to Benefit Orphanage in Haiti Standard

When a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in July 2010, within 30 frightening seconds, 220,000 were left dead. In the wake of this tragedy, nearly one million children were orphaned or abandoned. To simply sit back and only contemplate the atrocity of this situation was not an option for Nosara resident Kristin O’Connell. She felt the need to act. After volunteering as a midwife in Haiti in 2010, she met a local Haitian man who held a longtime vision of opening an orphanage to help children of his village, Cayes Jacmel. After this chance meeting, Kristin returned to her home in…

Does Air Conditioning Use in Costa Rica Provoke Respiratory Illness? Standard

Summer has arrived in force, and with the rise in temperature comes the temptation to try and escape the heat with air conditioning. However, there have always been theories that air conditioning causes sickness and promotes infection among people in closed spaces. In general, lack of maintenance is responsible for respiratory infections ranging from simple nasal colds to severe pneumonia, bronchitis and sore throats. Children and the elderly are most affected, as well as those who have allergies or asthma. Also, smokers, diabetics and those suffering from hypertension, liver or lung problems should be cautious. According to Wing Ching Chang,…

50 Police and AyA Officials Break Locks Installed by ASADA in Playa Potrero Standard

The early morning of Tuesday, February 18 brought commotion to the coastal community of Playa Potrero in Santa Cruz, with the intervention of officials from the Public Force and the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA – Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados). The officials invaded the ASADA’s (water management committee) communal aqueduct, taking off locks and replacing them with others. In addition, the officials arrested and detained Jose David Ugarte, a resident who, upon hearing the arrival of the authorities, tried to find out what was happening. “I woke up and left my bed around 4 a.m….

Trash and Littering Still Major Problems in Guanacaste, Costa Rica Standard

Trash and littering is still a major problem in Costa Rica, contradicting the self-proclaimed, ecological, diverse and clean reputation of the country. Tico littering mentality is combination of a number of factors, with short sightedness and laziness topping the list. Many in Costa Rica believe that someone else should pick up their mess. Just go to any food court, rarely do people pick up their trays and empty their trash in the containers. Another factor is government inaction, more specifically, local communities who fail to lead in changes. One such community is in Playa Ocotal, on the Pacific coast of…

Fighting to Save the Golfo Dulce Standard

“Dogs barking after midnight,” remembers David, “the dogs went crazy every time a humpback whale blew or there were whales breaching right at Rincon Bay”. Those are the memories of David Herra Miranda, who was born and raised in Golfo Dulce. Now, more than two decades later, he is a research associate with CEIC, Centro de Investigación de Cetáceos Costa Rica (Cetacean Research Center Costa Rica). “It was a true paradise”, David continues, remembering a place blessed by marine life during his childhood – a “place full of life”. David is one of the luckiest field biologists in the world….

Sea Shepherd Successfully Helps Guatemalan Officials to Halt Poaching Standard

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s high-speed trimaran, the Brigitte Bardot has returned from its first successful patrol assisting the Guatemalan Department of Fisheries in its anti-poaching enforcement operations. Asked by Fisheries officials to help battle poaching in Guatemalan waters, Sea Shepherd is helping to lower the impact of illegal fishing of billfish by commercial fishermen. The Sea Shepherd crew of the Brigitte Bardot joined a three-person Naval delegation and two officials of the Fisheries department for this patrol. During the first night of patrols, as many as seven boats were boarded by the Guatemalan officials. Upon inspection, two of these boats…

Artist Carlos Hiller Showcases Work at Liberia Airport in Guanacaste Standard

Fast, tenacious and colorful: these adjectives are subjective of course, but nonetheless describe the fundamental nature of these magnificent fish which have become icons of the sport and commercial fishing on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast: sailfish, roosterfish and golden fish (Mahi-Mahi). The paintings created by artist Carlos Hiller in “Sparkle: Vibrant Colors,” portray these fish in their full beauty while in their struggle for survival, immersed in the ocean’s color of open water or muddy shores; and most importantly with the intention to display their vivid colors. Within minutes of the death of a fish the tissues become pale and…

Possible Outbreak of Infectious Anemia Troubles Nosara Horse Owners Standard

Some Nosara horse owners are concerned about a possible outbreak of infectious equine anemia among animals in the area, due to the death of one horse that tested positive for the disease on February 8th. Carrie Anderson, a resident of Nosara, said that “Tornado” was the name of the horse that had the sickness, in addition to an ailment known as Laminitis that affects the animal’s hooves and creates pain throughout the body, making it difficult to walk normally and even stand up. “The horse was behind our property [close to the Nosara River] and was loose,” explained Anderson, who…

Living Hotel in Nosara Expands Guest Services Standard

The Living Hotel is now a whole complex of services to cater to health-conscious guests. Located across from the Mini Super Delicias del Mundo, it is fully operational this high season with its own Living Café restaurant, full service spa, yoga classes, Nosaranet office center, bike rentals, surf lessons and airport transportation. Ricardo Micali opened the hotel a year ago but now has all services available to his guests on site, with the assistance of his partners, Heather Lundy and Michelle Vergara. “Guests like the intimate setting for half the price of other boutique style hotels in Guiones. We have…

MOPT Announces Plan to Remove Baileys From Circunvalación Standard

Starting this weekend the traffic headaches on the Circunvalación will start again, as the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT) begin the process of removing the Bailey bridges, and erecting a new permanent bridge over the María Aguilar river. According to the MOPT press release, Saturday night is when crews will remove the first of four Bailey bridges erected last November after a section of the Circunvalación began to sink. Traffic through the area will pass within the three remaining Baileys, one of which will be a reversible usage installation depending on traffic conditions. The following weekend, the second…

Sending a Romantic Letter for Valentines to a Spouse in Costa Rica Standard

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way to express your feelings to your beloved than through a love letter. Historically, love letters were possibly the only form of communication between lovers who might be separated for months at time most commonly during times of war. And with this void, emotions often intensified and romantic feelings soared. The most engaging love letter is one that is memorable, heartfelt and genuine, preferably written in ink and, most significantly, has the capacity to deepen a relationship. Pouring your heart out this way, for many, is a preferable alternative to gazing…

61% of Kitchen Gas Cylinders in Costa Rica Malfunctioning Standard

Natural gas is used extensively throughout homes in Costa Rica, a power source for cooking. Unlike in other countries, like Canada, the United States and Colombia, for example, in Costa Rica natural gas is not piped into homes: it is purchased in cylinders. According to a study by the School of Statistics at the University of Costa Rica (UCR ), which was released on Tuesday by the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (ARESEP), it indicates that eight of ten homes in the country have a gas cylinder used to cook with, and that 61% of those homes report abnormalities…

Costa Rica’s Public Sector Unions Plan Massive Strike Standard

The labour movement said Wednesday that they are evaluating a nationwide strike call next month, in protest of the government’s decree of the 0.43% wage increase for the public sector. The leaders of the Asociación Nacional de Educadores (ANDE) – the largest of the public sector unions – met Wednesday, and according to Ana Doris González, president of the teacher’s union, the Asociación de Profesores de Segunda Enseñanza (APSE), the agreement to strike was a unanimous decision by all of the collective unions. González said another meeting is set for Feb. 24th to define the steps for a strike in…

Cancer Survivor Shares Health Tips in Tropical Garden Cooking Classes Standard

A year ago, in August of 2012, Christine Laemer went for a mammogram and found out she had breast cancer. This news changed her lifestyle and diet completely, and now she is sharing some of what she has learned about health and nutrition through Tropical Garden Cooking Classes. Originally from Germany, Laemer has lived in Samara for more than 20 years now. She related that she was a vegetarian before coming to Costa Rica, but after marrying a Costa Rican, she adapted to the local diet. Through the years, she noticed that she suffered from frequent headaches and infections and…

Colibri Tennis Club Being Planned for Nosara Costa Rica Standard

For a couple of years now, the sport of tennis has been making inroads in the Nosara community, and now a couple of developers are stepping it up a notch, although not everyone is happy to see courts being built in the heart of Playa Guiones. In Esperanza, in Villas Esperanza, known as the 506 tennis center, Sam Carver is developing a tennis community with 12 homes planned. He believes that successful developments provide added value to clients and sees tennis as just that—added value for those considering Nosara as a vacation destination or as a place to make home….

Parks on Alert for Outbreak of Forest Fires in Costa Rica Standard

Parks and protected areas are on alert nationwide for forest fires. The alert went into effect on January 15th, but even before then one major fire had already broken out in the Nicoya area. On Saturday, December 28th, 9 hectares (22 acres) were burned in Corral de Piedra, according to Gabino Carrillo Arias, MINAE park ranger in charge of control. It is believed that the fire was caused by vandalism, although they were unable to find the culprit. The Corral de Piedra Wetland, located in the district of Corralillo in Nicoya Canton, was decreed a protected area February 23rd, 1994….

French Cuisine in Playa Guiones at La Creperie Standard

In December 2013, La Creperie opened its doors in Playa Guiones, offering original French crepes to Nosara. The project was the idea of Franck Geers and is located 400 meters north of Delicias del Mundo supermarket, next to Hostal 4You. Geers says that the plates have a wide range of prices so that the food is accessible for all. Crepes start at 1,200 colones ($2.40) and the most expensive ones cost around 3,900 ($7.80). The menu includes a variety of sweet and savory crepes. Sweet ones are made with sugar, chocolate, butter or lemon, and the most elaborate ones also…

American Restauranteur Jailed in Costa Rica For Not Paying Child Support Standard

It doesn’t pay to mess around with a court order to pay child support. A U.S. businessman was thrown in jail last Thursday for not paying January child support of ¢3.6 million colones (US$7,500) plus school costs of ¢2 million (US$4,000) for his six-year-old daughter. The Juzgado de Pensiones Alimentarias de Santa Ana – Santa Ana court, on a complaint by the child welfare agency PANI, ordered Jorge Pita, a U.S. citizen residing here to serve a prison stretch until he pays the piper. He calls the amount “exorbitant.” Pita, 68, claims that he can pay only ¢1.2 million due…