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Big Cola soft drinks invests $5 million in Costa Rica production facility

Big Cola Costa Rica

With an investment of $5 million in a new plant, the manufacturer and bottler of Big Cola soft drinks, plans to increase its market share.

Ajecen del Sur, founded on Peruvian capital, has managed to get its main brand Big Cola, third in the ranks of sales of soft drinks in the Costa Rican market, behind the traditional Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

According to statements by Enrique Moya, CEO of Ajecen del Sur the new plant – the company’s third in the country – will expand production by 30%.

This is in line with the launch, planned for the coming months, of a new soft fizzy drink and its own brand of bottled water, Cielo.

Meanwhile, the other two largest producers of soft drinks, Coca-Cola Femsa and Florida Bebidas, are preparing their own strategies.

“The business of soft drinks, juices and bottled water accounted for $970 million last year.”


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Big Cola soft drinks invests $5 million in Costa Rica production facility
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