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Press Release: Community Action Alliance, Gran Venta de Libros Usados

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Community Action Alliance Gran Venta de Libros UsadosThe Community Action Alliance, a community group composed of both foreigners and Costa Ricans in the San Ramón area are organizing their second Gran Venta de Libros Usados, a used book sale fundraiser. The Book Sale will take place on Saturday, April 28 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Museo Regional de San Ramón and will benefit the Regional Museum and the Hogar Para Ancianos (senior center) de San Ramón.

The sale will feature an offering of over 4,000 used books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and other educational materials, both English and Spanish. There will also be a collection of jewelry and other handicrafts available for purchase. Prices for paperback books will be 1,000 colones; hardbound books will be 2,000 colones. Discounts are available to all students. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be distributed to the two beneficiaries.

Our first book sale was held in November of 2011 and was an overwhelming success drawing nearly 1,000 people from around the region and raising over $2,200 for two beneficiaries of 2011 (Cruz Roja and Dog Land). One of the biggest (and most pleasant) surprises was the number of Costa Ricans who attended and purchased books, particularly Children’s Books. In response to this demand we are committed to locating and offering more Spanish-language and Children’s books.

Our current priority is the collection of donated books and other educational materials. We have received significant donations from both individuals and various institutions and have already accumulated a much wider selection of books than our last book sale.

You can help! Perhaps you have a family member or friend visiting who can bring books with them; maybe you know a publisher who is willing to donate books; if you live outside of San Ramón maybe you can organize book collection in your own community. We all know someone and that knows someone who may help out.

In addition to book donations we have also had several very generous individuals and organizations make cash donations to help support the two book sale beneficiaries: the Museo Regional and the Hogar para Ancianos. Used books and other educational materials can be dropped off at any of the following locations in San Ramón: Cruz Roja, Aromas, Café Delicias, Bocaditos, and COOPENAE. Donations (of any kind) are greatly appreciated! For any questions regarding donations please contact Mike Styles at [email protected] or 8333.8750.

One of the responsibilities of the Community Action Alliance is to ensure that any funds raised are put to good use. In addition to hosting our first book sale at the Regional Museum we have held three other events there. The Museum is a beautiful, historic building that is in many ways symbolic of the rich history of San Ramón. Roxana Salazar, the Curator/Director, is extremely talented and professional. We are currently in discussions about a joint initiative to provide English Conversation Groups to the public. We are very excited to be able to support El Museo Regional de San Ramón.

Our relationship with El Hogar Para Ancianos is new. We have consistently heard from the community about the importance of their work. We recently toured the facility and identified several vital areas of need. We will meet with their board of directors and together determine how best to use the funds. Our ideal scenario is one that involves volunteer support from the community. To help seniors who do not have the support of their families is very rewarding.

The Community Action Alliance is dedicated to encouraging the integration of foreigners in to local community. Formed in September of 2009, the Action Alliance works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality, PROPAZ, the Fuerza Publica, the Cruz Roja, and other local government, business and community groups. The Action Alliance has four active committees working in areas of collective interest to the community including Education, Citizen Security, Economic Development, and the Environment. Initiatives taken on by the Action Alliance are always executed in cooperation with or in support of other established local organizations.

The Alliance is built around a set of core values that include: a focus on action and results; the importance of service and volunteerism; putting aside differences, belief in the strength of diversity; and building consensus and working toward the collective good of the community. All of us can make a difference, however only if we work together for the common good. The Community Action Alliance has great respect and is proud of the history and culture of San Ramón and is dedicated to helping “Create the Next Generation of Poets and Presidents”.

Community Action Alliance: Gran Venta de Libros UsaDOS

Event Information

What: Gran Venta de Libros UsaDOS (Read. Lead. Succeed.)

Used books, CDs, DVDs, Magazines and Jewelry/Crafts in Spanish and English.

When: Saturday, April 28 at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where: UCR Museo Regional de San Ramón

Donations: We are grateful for all donations of books, CDs, etc.

Drop Off Locations:

– Cruz Roja
– Instituto Julio Acosta
– Aromas (all locations)
– Universidad de San José
– Café Delicias
– Colegio Científico
– Bocaditos
– UCR Museo Regional de San Ramón
– Colegio Patriarca San José
– Cámara de Comercio

Used Books: C1,000 (paperbacks); C2,000 (most hardbacks)
Discounts for ALL students

Beneficiaries: 100% of the proceeds will benefit Museo Regional de San Ramón and Hogar para Ancianos de San Ramón.

Spanish: José Esquivel: 8702.8479 [email protected]
English: Louisa Wittman: 8997.9903 [email protected]

Producers: Community Action Alliance and Gringo Central

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