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Costa Rica Seeks to Join OECD Anti-Corruption Working Group

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Minister Garita

Minister Garita

At a recent meeting of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Costa Rica’s Minister of Justice and Peace presented a formal request to join the working group dedicated to monitoring and analyzing international business transactions for the purpose of guarding against corruption and bribery of public officials, a group that has been operational since 1994.

Minister Ana Isabel Garita announced Costa Rica’s intention to become an active member nation under the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. During the 21st century, Costa Rica has attracted significant levels of direct and indirect foreign investments as a result of the Free Trade Agreement and ongoing globalization trends. Business enterprises from Costa Rica have also become much more active with regard to tapping international markets. These new international dealings call for higher scrutiny and transparency by authorities, explained Minister Garita at the OECD meeting:

“Costa Rica has taken significant steps in the fight against corruption and is ready to implement and uphold higher standards. The adoption of the Anti-Bribery Convention is consistent with our way of life and the country we aim to become.”

Minister Garita also met with OECD Undersecretary General William Danvers, who oversees the Anti-Bribery Convention; to explain that Costa Rica is prepared to be subject to scrutiny by the OECD working group with regard to conducting reviews of legislation and measures to fight corruption.

Another public official who has been pushing for the admission of Costa Rica into the OECD is Minister of Trade and Commerce Anabel Gonzalez. She recently commented on Minister Garita’s request to join the Anti-Bribery working group as an important step towards the goal of Costa Rica becoming the 35th nation to join the OECD, thus leaving behind the “Third World country” label and opening up important economic opportunities.

Source: Darling Montoya Zuniga of the Ministry of Justice and Peace

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