Enterprise Cloud Provider Opens New Center in Costa Rica

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Source: Renovatio

Source: Renovatio

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 15, 2015 — Renovatio Cloud Solutions (//www.renovatiocloud.com), a market-leader in custom cloud based enterprise software solutions, has announced the official opening of its Costa Rican operations in San Jose, Costa Rica. The new operations will enhance the company’s delivery of enterprise solutions that maximize the ROI on mobility, cloud, and the Internet of Things.

Renovatio’s vision to establish a center of excellence in Costa Rica and staff it with cross functional resources greatly enhances the company’s ability to quickly scale technical teams to meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide.

“This is a significant win for both our clients and us. Our Costa Rican operations will enable us to broaden our expertise in the technology platforms of our select alliance partners Amazon Web Services, Heroku, and Salesforce. Ultimately, we will be able to deliver custom solutions faster than our competitors, “ said Osman Seyrek, Renovatio’s Chief Operations Officer.

Renovatio’s ongoing growth and vision have been both strategic and proactive, according to Raul Ramirez, the company’s CEO. “By building a core expertise in market leading technology platforms, we’ve been able to guide our clients through their toughest business challenges and help them position their companies for long-term success,” he said.

Renovatio Cloud Solutions’s cloud development services enable oil and gas clients to extend and integrate their existing technology infrastructure by leveraging infinitely scalable enterprise cloud platforms. Whether your oil and gas business requires a custom web application to engage and connect with a global customer base or a web based information dashboard to keep executive management informed, Renovatio Cloud Solutions’ deeply talented developers can help you create a custom solution that meets the current and future demands of your oil and gas business and your end-users.

Renovatio Cloud Solutions understands how to architect and successfully deliver custom enterprise mobile application solutions that create the highest return on investment. As a younger workforce begins to move its way up the oil and gas industry, custom enterprise mobile applications can serve as a source of differentiation to attract top talent while enabling the entire enterprise to be more productive.

The Internet of Things, IoT, is created when physical objects are connected to the internet. For oil and gas businesses, IoT applications create the opportunity to promote growth by collecting data that can be used as real-time business intelligence.

About Renovatio

We are not your run-of-the-mill software consulting firm. We are a dynamic team of design, engineering, marketing and sales professionals headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas. We love building amazing software solutions that enable ambitious oil & gas companies to truly create competitive advantages.

Our vision is to empower and enable people to be more fully human, enjoy life and work in a purposeful & meaningful manner through software and technology.

Since our inception, we have been committed to being the easiest, most flexible, and most convenient technology partner our clients have ever worked with. The combination of personalized services with a sense of pride is part of the DNA of Renovatio Cloud Solutions. We genuinely believe that this is a distinguishing factor that sets us apart from competitors.

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