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Government of Costa Rica and Panthera organization sign Jaguar protection agreement

jaguar costa rica panthera

The government of Costa Rica signed an agreement with Panthera, an organization dedicated to protecting cats, to take action on behalf of the Jaguar in Latin America.

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, said the deal with Panthera commits the parties to pursue scientific and conservation initiatives that help to preserve the largest cat in the Americas, which is in danger of extinction.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Environment in Costa Rica, René Castro and CEO of Panthera, Alan Rabinowitz.

“This is the fourth agreement that the Panthera firm has with a Latin American government. Once executed, we will implement a strategy to connect and protect the safe passage of the populations of Jaguars throughout their range from northern Mexico, through the heart of Costa Rica to Argentina,” said Rabinowitz.

The Costa Rican minister, meanwhile, said the Central American country is a fundamental part of the “Jaguar corridor” through the management of protected areas and biological corridors that connect with Nicaragua to the north and Panama in the south.

Since 2008, Panthera has worked with the System of Conservation Areas of Costa Rica (SINAC) to investigate the status of Jaguar populations in Costa Rican protected areas and assess the threats they face.

Costa Rica is one of 18 Latin American countries with Jaguar habitats, but also one of the 13 countries in which Panthera is undertaking initiatives to conserve the species.

Source: CaribbeanNewsDigital.com

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Government of Costa Rica and Panthera organization sign Jaguar protection agreement
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