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The Costa Rica Star FREE classifieds listing service

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costa rica classifieds used car

When trying to find cars, real estate, jobs, and other products or services in Costa Rica (and Central America) it often proves to be difficult.

Everyone knows about Craigslist, however it lacks the quality that a fully managed classifieds service has. Many of the listings on Craigslist are spam or opportunists looking to take advantage of people.

Another option here in Costa Rica is which is a solid classifieds service, however you have to pay for prominent placement and the listing process takes longer then it should.

Here at The Costa Rica Star we are happy to announce that we have a new Costa Rica Classifieds free listing service, to buy, sell, and trade your products or services.

All of the listings in our new classifieds section will be watched closely to protect against duplicate postings and opportunists.

The classifieds section is fully automated and very easy to use. You can flag listings at the bottom to bring them to our attention if you see anything unsavoury while browsing or creating listings. You can upload pictures, detailed descriptions, link to a website, and your privacy is protected using a contact form system so your email is never displayed.

During beta testing of The Costa Rica Star classifieds all of the listings are within one category in chronological order, however as the listing volume grows over the coming days, we will break this down into category specific listings to continually increase the user experience and save your time in finding what you are looking for. You can also use the search function to locate your desired product or service.

We hope that you decide to create a free listing with The Costa Rica Star classifieds.

Please visit to get started and send us an email if you have any questions: classifieds(at)

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The Costa Rica Star FREE classifieds listing service
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