Costa Rica Vacation Rentals: A Trend That is Here to Stay

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Hotels are not for everyone, in many cases it’s the high prices that will get you looking for other alternatives, in other cases the impersonal service, perhaps privacy is a factor, and others simply prefer a more “homey” environment when they vacation, or maybe you have a big family and/or pets and hotels are just not an option for you; whatever the reason may be, the fact is that vacation rentals have become a trend, a convenient alternative for many.

In Costa Rica many tourists opt for this, there is a big demand of vacation rental homes in Guanacaste, along the “Gold Coast” and particularly in areas such as Tamarindo, Flamingo and Nosara.

The advantages of a vacation rental include:

1) Savings: For big families traveling together, a vacation rental home will provide more space for less money. If you are taking a long vacation a hotel can get very pricey very fast, while in a vacation home you can actually get a better rate if you are staying for a long period of time.

2) Privacy: You don’t have to share the pool with other guests; you can hang out with your family or by yourself without anyone “cramping your style” so to speak.

3) Pets: Taking your dog along in your vacation is a must for some, for others is a matter of not having a dog-sitter, so it just works out well for everyone, while it may be difficult to find a hotel that is Pet-Friendly in the area you are looking to stay, most vacation homes have no problem accepting pets as long as they are well behaved and don’t cause any damages.

4) Other advantages include: If you want to cook your own meals and wash your laundry you will usually have access to an equipped kitchen and laundry room, some house rentals also include housekeeping or chef service if you want it.

Many travelers choose a vacation home rental because it allows them to experience life as a local and it gives them a good idea of whether they’d like to buy their own home in the area, after all, what could be better than living in the Guanacaste Gold Coast waking up every day surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches.

Choosing a vacation rental can be tricky, there’s a lot of information and different websites offering vacation rental homes, but you are better off not taking risks as the last thing you need is a bad experience arriving to a place that doesn’t look anything like the photos you saw on the web. If you are looking to rent a vacation home in Guanacaste, whether that is Tamarindo, Flamingo, Avellanas etc. and want to play it safe and pick a property that really suits your needs and vacation style, check in with the Real Estate experts of The Costa Rica Star , and we will make sure to find the right contact or place for you.

Enjoy your vacation and Welcome to Costa Rica!

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