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CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Fitness at MC Gym Santa Ana Costa Rica

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MC Gym in Santa Ana Costa Rica

If you are looking for a legitimate hardcore fitness location in Costa Rica, look no further than MC Gym in Santa Ana Costa Rica, 2 minutes North of Forum 1 Office center in Pozos de Santa Ana, take a right at the Lagar construction store down Calle El Lagar, drive 250 meters, and look to your right for the sign and parking lot (logo pictured above in this article).

There is plenty of parking, and the staff are very well trained and ready to answer your questions while helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The founder of MC Gym is the Olympic Weightlifting Champion of Costa Rica, so he can definitely teach you a thing or two about proper form and dedication to training, while living a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t get MC Gym confused with other Gyms in Costa Rica, it is not for the faint of heart, as the environment is geared towards people who truly care about achieving results.

MC Gym offers PowerFit classes, which are similar to CrossFit, but not approved by the CrossFit Affiliate program. Which does not mean much when you have the accolades of Olympic Weightlifting Champion of Costa Rica. Professional Fighters and Costa Rican athletes are known to train here regularly, so you will be inspired through their hard work, and may even learn some tips from them if you ask.

When you walk into the gym from the secure parking lot, you will notice literally hundreds of trophies and medals lining the wall behind the receptionist desk, which lets you know you are in the “temple of hardcore training” in Costa Rica.

The gym is a converted warehouse with a very high ceiling and a lot of floor space. This is a nice environment to train in, as you feel fresh air blowing through the gym. The bathrooms are also very clean and spacious, and they include lockers and showers as part of a membership price.

The PowerFit and Olympic Weightlifting section of the gym are separated by a wall from the general fitness area, which is nice if you want to train with space and be left alone. In the PowerFit section there are chinup bars, wall bars, ropes hanging from the ceiling, rowing machines, and so much more.

In the pictures below you will see how nice the gym floor layout is, and how hard the gym members enjoy training.

Contact MC Gym in Santa Ana Costa Rica at their Facebook page or by calling 2282-3936 or 8868-7619 to get a membership and begin your journey into a healthy and rewarding lifestyle!

CrossFit class at MC Gym Costa Rica

Fitness Gym Equipment Santa Ana Costa Rica

Olympic Weightlifting Costa Rica

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CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Fitness at MC Gym Santa Ana Costa Rica
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