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Introduction to Advertising

At The Costa Rica Star, we believe that we are different. We reach an audience that is affluent,
25-65 in age, 60/40 mixed gender, and using smartphones. Yes, we understand the mobile

internet and transparent easy to consume news media content. We mix old-school marketing on the
ground around Costa Rica with digital Marketing that you would expect to see in 2021.

If you are new to our website and this is your first visit, go to our Facebook page and click on the “LIKE” button at the top to get familiar with us before you decide to do any advertising. We want you to feel comfortable with your choice to do business with us.


The Costa Rica Star is the number one Google News partner and the largest English digital newspaper in Costa Rica. We receive thousands of daily website visits related to Costa Rica national news via this global platform. We are the top English news site in Costa Rica in terms of overall demographic, social media size vs engagement and daily newsletter subscribers. We have a truly amazing community of readers who come back day after day, and we work hard to earn their readership time ongoing.

Over 50% of our website traffic comes from American IP addresses. These are people who have a vested interest in Costa Rica (Perfect demographic for Real Estate Purchases, Immigration, Vacations and Tours, Investment). 30% of our website traffic comes from Costa Rica IP addresses which is made up of 10% English speaking Ticos, and 20% of Foreigners who speak English and live in Costa Rica. 10% of our website traffic comes from Canadian IP Address and the remaining 10% of our website traffic comes from a global audience with business, family, political, or other interest here in Costa Rica. Many of our readers also come from Europe and Southeast Asia, on top of our Canadian and United States international demographic.

The top browser accessing our website daily is Google Chrome followed by Safari and Firefox. 35% of our monthly traffic comes from smartphones with people reading news content on our mobile-friendly site interface. 60% of our website traffic is new organic visits from and the remaining 40% are returning visitors. We see the returning visitors metric increasing incrementally over time. We expect it will be closer to 50% new visits and 50% returning during the last quarter of 2020.

Website Traffic as of January 2020: ( +/- monthly)
5000-10,000 daily unique visitors, 150,000-250,000 monthly unique visitors, and 800,000 monthly pageviews (we average 3.5+ pages per visit). As with any news website, traffic has highs and lows throughout the 30 days of the month based on trending articles, however, these are averages. Feel free to request formal website traffic documents and reports during your time advertising with The Costa Rica Star.