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Lacrosse Team from American Ivy League School Visits Costa Rica

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Source: Princeton University

Lacrosse players from Princeton University in New Jersey are in Costa Rica to play exhibition games, hold clinics, promote the sport, and also perform a variety of non-lacrosse charitable service activities through Fields of Growth, an organization that uses lacrosse as an educational and economic tool in Africa.

The Princeton team landed at Juan Santamaria International Airport earlier this week, just in time to engage in some rafting and to enjoy the first World Cup qualifier game between the CONCACAF National Football Teams of Costa Rica and El Salvador at the National Stadium. The team is fortunate to have two players in their roster who are fluent in Spanish.

In the morning after the game, the Princeton Tigers engaged in training, drills and scrimmages against the National Men’s Lacrosse Team of Costa Rica at La Sabana. The Princeton players were a bit surprised to witness a game of American flag football being played in one of the many fields in La Sabana. Later in the afternoon, the team went on a canopy tour.

The Princeton men’s lacrosse team spent this weekend in San Jose, but starting tomorrow they will be enjoying the beaches of Samara and Tamarindo in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Like American football and inline Rollerblade hockey, lacrosse is a sport that is in its nascent stages in Costa Rica. A recent article in The Costa Rica Star described how roller hockey players attempted to get a lacrosse league started in Costa Rica after a suburban concrete rink was shut down.

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