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Major Solar Energy Project Planned in Guanacaste

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Sun Fund Americas Solar Energy Guanacaste

Sun Fund Americas, Solar Energy Park in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Before the Guanacaste Country Club becomes the most luxurious resort, theme park and residential community in Central America, an innovative solar energy project will be developed to meet future electricity needs. The Sun Costa Rica initiative will also become a blueprint for large-scale solar energy projects in eleven Latin American nations.

The Sun Costa Rica Initiative is more than innovative; it is also very timely. This massive solar energy plant will not only power the Guanacaste Country Club but it can also be expanded to meet the electricity needs of other communities in Costa Rica’s driest region. At a time when climate change is creating water shortages in Guanacaste, this solar energy project can fill in the gaps created by diminished hydroelectric output.

This project is being spearheaded by two United States investors and a Costa Rican attorney/developer. Frank Biden is the brother of Vice President Joseph Biden, Craig Williamson is a known real estate developer, and Roberto Batalla is a prominent attorney and businessman.

Sun Fund Americas is the holding company behind this Guanacaste Solar Park, which will work in conjunction with the two main electricity providers in Costa Rica: National Power and Light Company and the Electricity Institute of Costa Rica (Spanish initials: CNFL and ICE, respectively). The conceptual design was presented in 2009 by CNFL, but the work was not announced until late 2013 because investors had been mostly shy.

According to Cesar Brenes of business weekly El Financiero, the Guanacaste Solar Park is part of the Solar Income Fund, which could also be developed in Latin American nations that have already shown major interest in this regard. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala are some of these countries. This solar project will be located in the land recently mentioned in the hoax report of a Disney theme park being developed therein.

Guanacaste is the undisputed sustainable energy leader in this country. The Costa Rica Star recently reported on an upcoming wind farm and geothermic energy projects in the region.

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Major Solar Energy Project Planned in Guanacaste
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