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Paul McCartney Concert in Costa Rica: Confirmed?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The possibility of a live performance by the legendary Paul McCartney in Costa Rica has been an item of considerable hearsay since 2012. The rumor mill reverberated in late February following the interview with an executive of a Mexican concert promotion firm by a daily tabloid, which almost confirmed the future appearance of the famous musician in early May.

Renato Herrera of Ocesa, a respected Mexican concert and event coordinator that has handled previous tours by McCartney’s in Latin America, was restrained to confirm the event when he recently spoke to Ariel Chaves of daily tabloid Diario Extra. Mr. Herrera is used to fielding questions about McCartney in Costa Rica, which might have been the reason why Mr. Chaves was careful to not bring up the issue early in the interview.

After a few questions on showbiz and the lucrative concert industry in Latin America, Mr. Chaves pressed Mr. Herrera with the heavy question: Is a Paul McCartney concert in the works for Costa Rica? For the first time since 2012, the answer was other than “no;” it was hopeful enough to send fans into elevated speculation mode:

“I can’t answer that question; but, yes, we are working on various events.”

When asked why he could not answer that question, Mr. Herrera explained that he could not comment on contracts that have not been executed. Days before that interview, Backstage magazine in Costa Rica had published comments ostensibly made by people associated with Ocesa’s operations in this country. These comments were dissected in the music and lifestyle site 89 Decibeles, where at least one forum member claimed to have knowledge of negotiations by Ocesa to bring McCartney to Costa Rica, but no time frame was mentioned.

Backstage magazine claims that the concert would be on Friday, May 2nd. Such information has not appeared on the official website of the former bass player of the Beatles, but this has not quelled the expectations of McCartney fans in Costa Rica.

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Paul McCartney Concert in Costa Rica: Confirmed?
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