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Costa Rica Press Release

You have made it to the best location for your high impact wide reaching press release here in Costa Rica.

At The Costa Rica Star digital English language news network we have an affluent and young audience who commands the marketplace and creates trends. Our platform reaches thousands on the ground in Costa Rica and around the world, plus rockets your press release to the top of search engines for country specific business searches.

The traditional press release is over 100 years old, and for the majority of its existence, the evolution was mostly stagnant.

In 2013 the most effective press releases are actually not press releases at all, but rather they are social media releases. Communicating what you want to accomplish with potential clients, while getting them inspired to care and act in a way that benefits yourself, them, or both. It’s a 360 degree experience.

For a mind opening read about press releases, please go to and review his article in detail, Reviving The Traditional Press Release. Once you get up to speed with what a sound press release looks like in 2013, we would be happy to offer you a medium of distribution on The Costa Rica Star to engage with an ever increasing international audience, surrounding the topic of Costa Rica.

If you are interested in using The Costa Rica Star to distribute your press release, please send us content about your business or service in the following format:

1) 300 to 700 words about your business, including your contact information, and details on the owner or manager of the business
2) Include 1 to 3 pictures that you would like used within the press release
3) Ensure that the content has the best quality grammar and spelling possible, you want to make a good impression
4) Have fun with the content, people don’t like to read robotic flat promotional material

When you have this ready, send us a message, including your attached press release, using the contact form below (include your business name in the subject line) and we will speak with you on email before publishing the press release. Thank you from The Costa Rica Star.


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