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RACSA Costa Rica signs agreement to offer fiber optic network services


costa rica fiber optic network services

The state run company RACSA has signed a contract with the Swedish company Vía Europa in order to provide optical fiber multiservices, including very high-speed Internet.

Under the agreement, the company Vía Europa will construct, operate and maintain the infrastructure for a fiber optic network and manage the services market.

The end customer contact will be made by the state run Radiographic Costarricense S. A. (ICE), the company that will develop the new services to be offered.

“RACSA will be able to offer a high speed internet service, including 25MB packages with triple play system, ie voice, broadband and television, at an approximate cost of $100 per month. It would also offer a 10MB internet connection at a price of $40″, reported

Mario Zaragoza, a spokesperson from RACSA, said that at the moment they have not defined the packages they will offer.


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