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Social Media Reacts to Casey Anthony Plans for Costa Rica and New Movie

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Holly Deveaux on the set of Baxter

Speculation about Casey Anthony moving to Costa Rica and the production of a new film based on her case are fueling social media discourse, particularly among residents of Orlando, Florida.

It all started last week with a post on the American gossip blog Crazy Day and Nights, maintained by an Internet personality who goes by the handle Enty Lawyer (and who does not claim to be an attorney). The Costa Rica Star reported on that claim, along with the letters Casey Anthony wrote from a detention center in Florida that indicated her desire to move to Costa Rica to bury her scandalous past. One item that was not included in that report was once discussed by Bill Warner, a private investigator in Sarasota, who last year pointed out that Ms. Anthony’s jailhouse correspondence also indicated that she wanted to brush up on her Spanish in advance of her trip to Costa Rica.

Reaction on Twitter to the post by Enty Lawyer has netizens asking private investigators to look into our National Registrar to find the name of the business entity allegedly set up to purchase beachfront real estate in Costa Rica for Ms. Anthony. At this time, this seems to be purely speculative, but readers of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper have strong feelings about it. A post by Hal Boedeker: The TV Guy and More on the Orlando Sentinel has elicited a flurry of comments from incensed readers with regard to Ms. Anthony’s potential move to Costa Rica:

Note: The comments below have been slightly edited for spelling and context

Can the skank even get a passport with so many lawsuits and her debt to the IRS? Will Costa Rica let this 6 time convicted felon in their country? Or is [her ]finger-flipper [attorney] Mason working on a new identity for her? And if so, is it legal?

I went to the CR travel page, and she must have a round trip ticket to get in, unless she’s going to try to establish residency… Do they really want her there, or are they waiting until they get to the “end of the hall”?

It’s a good place to wait out the 10 years that the IRS has to legally pursue her back taxes. May she rot in Costa Rica.

There is also this faux letter to President Laura Chinchilla:

Dear President of Costa Rica:

My wife and I just won the PowerBall Lottery. The kids all wanted to go to Disney World but I didn’t want to go anywhere Casey Anthony might have been. That and I want my kids to be more than just consumers. But the next place we chose was Costa Rica! Everybody is excited and we decided to bring along 200 of our closest relatives and friends. But then I heard that Casey Anthony might be settling there. Is that true? Please say it isn’t true or we’ll have to cancel that six month vacation we planned to spend at your finest hotels.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony: The Movie

While the social media sphere discusses Ms. Anthony’s future plans and People magazine discusses her possible current location (South Florida) and her current weight (she is allegedly eating a lot), casting of a movie based on her life have been announced.

Young Canadian actress Holly Deveaux, known for her role on the television show Baxter, has been selected to play the part of Ms. Anthony in a movie produced for American cable television network Lifetime. Programming on the Lifetime network started as women-centric, but in the last few years it has concentrated on film reenactments of gossip-heavy cases. Actor Rob Lowe has been cast as one of the Florida prosecutors, and he is also an executive producer.

Mr. Lowe was recently interviewed by gossip and entertainment site TMZ, and he stated that he is confident that viewers will enjoy Prosecuting Casey Anthony. The film is scheduled to air early next year.

Casey Anthony is a young American woman who captured headlines all over the U.S. after her two-year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony went missing in 2008. Ms. Anthony was charged with first degree murder and acquitted in 2011. The media focus on the Caylee Anthony disappearance and subsequent trial of her mother turned into a spectacle, not only due to the tragedy but also because of the sordid details of Ms. Anthony’s tawdry life. She managed to strike a chord in mainstream American consciousness for different reasons, one of them being her photogenic appeal, and her trial unfolded at the same time social media came of age and gossip reporters seized this advantage.

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