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Virtual Travel and Tourism Agencies in Costa Rica Expand

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NAMU Travel Group

NAMU Travel Group

San Jose, Costa Rica. November 25, 2013 – The top two online tourism and travel operators in Costa Rica are welcoming the high tourist season and expanding their operations accordingly. These two enterprises, The NAMU Travel Group and, have grown tremendously over the last few years and are ready to embrace the burgeoning recovery of the global tourism industry, which is rebounding from all-time lows recorded in 2009.

As one of the leading travel and tourism agencies in Central America, the NAMU Travel Group offers high-end, customized travel to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama through a network of websites and multilingual call centers. Their flagship online property is, which offers travelers tailor-made, all inclusive trips to Costa Rica that are fulfilled by luxury hotels, resorts, adventure tours, and transportation. offers online and telephonic vacation planning services provided by bilingual and knowledgeable staff. This virtual travel agency takes pride in the quality tourism offerings that their trusted partners extend to visitors. The range of services provided by does not stop at booking. Once travelers arrive in Costa Rica, the vacation planners remain on call to offer their knowledge and support.

Both the NAMU Travel Group and have seen increased levels of interest by tourists who want to explore and enjoy Playas del Coco and other beach communities of Guanacaste’s Gold Coast. These agencies are taking steps to accommodate this increment in business: The NAMU Travel Group is hiring an IT Manager for their offices in Rohrmoser and is ready to pay $60K a year on top of the traditional Christmas bonus and a $10K performance incentive package. is busy obtaining more industry certifications such as Blue Flag, Sustainable Tourism Operator, and ICT (the national tourism board of Costa Rica).

ICT officials are forecasting a strong 2014 in terms of visits from abroad to Costa Rica, particularly from the new tourism channels such as convention, scientific and sports travel.
ICT approved travel agency, Costa Rican Trails, specializing in custom vacation packages.

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Virtual Travel and Tourism Agencies in Costa Rica Expand
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