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Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Webcam of Tamarindo Surfing Conditions

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Surfing Webcam from Tamarindo Costa RicaEarlier tonight when listening to 99.5FM radio dos we heard Joe Walsh of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp mention they have a new webcam that shows the conditions for surfing in both Tamarindo and Playa Grande. Which is a nice treat for both locals and people who are on vacation to check the conditions before heading down to the beach to set out on a day of adventure catching waves and hanging out in the sun.

They did mention that the coverage of Playa Grande is not perfect at the moment as they have to cut down the trees in order to see the conditions better, but that will come in the future. For now you have a new asset as a surfing and water sport enthusiast in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

About Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

So you’re thinking about surfing in Costa Rica. The idea of a surf camp sounds amazing, but which one will be perfect for you?

Here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, our belief is that anyone can surf, everyone who wants to learn should surf, and that the best surfer is the one having the most fun. We cater to surfers of all levels, literally from “never surfed before” all the way through “I’m a professional surfer”.

We accomplish this by offering you the following:

-Professional surf lessons taught by highly qualified surf instructors.
-Multiple surf breaks directly in front of our surf camp. Easy beginner waves, a couple reef breaks, and an advanced rivermouth wave producing quality tube rides for the expert surfer.
-Guided surf tours to other world-class surf breaks including Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point.
-Surfing seminars and workshops you can find nowhere else. Learn the rules of surfing etiquette and how to read waves. Hang out with the legend Robert August as he talks about the history of surfing and shows you how to custom shape a surfboard.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is an amazing surfing community, located on a beautiful beach with warm water and great waves, surrounded by friendly people with a true passion for surfing. Of all the surf camps Costa Rica has to offer, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is in a class of it’s own.

Contact Witch’s Rock

Desk: 506 2653 1238
Administration: 506 2653 0239
Email: [email protected]

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