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Gustavo Costa RicaName: Gustavo Gutiérrez S.
Email: ggspressphoto@gmail.com
Read articles by Gustavo Gutierrez

Gustavo Gutiérrez, is a young costarican freelance photographer who loves photojournalism and social photography, he also covers sports, fashion, commercial and wedding photography.

Gustavo studied architecture, however his childhood passion in photography won the battle, eventually finding himself completely involved in the world of light, entering the Universidad Creativa to study photography.

He has been a Guest Exhibitor for FotoCreativa Costa Rica, and a participant in several national colective exhibitions.

“Photography is a lifestyle, a constant analysis of composition and light, a responsibility that forces you to be faithful to your present”.


Jaime LopezName: Jaime Lopez
Email: news@news.co.cr
Read articles by Jaime Lopez

Language teacher, translator, and freelance writer with an interest in linguistics and Internet technology. Jaime Lopez is an author who has written content for various print and online publications in English and Spanish, spanning across the world. You can find him at Internet Cafes around San Jose and of course teaching his students about language semantics.


Rey WatersName: Rey Waters
Email: Reywat47@yahoo.com
Read articles by Rey Waters

Raised in South Jersey, my career as a Controller/CFO in the high technology field led me to live in 10 different states. After 25 years, I went off on my own and tried various occupations, from management consulting to wildlife art publisher. My entire career required extensive travel. It took some time to realize that many of my trip experiences might be interesting to others. I decided to take a travel writers course and my first article was published by the Japan National Tourism web page. My Japanese wife shares the same passion for travel as I do and is my greatest critic. Current plans are to relocate to Central America within the next year. Using San Jose as home base, we will be traveling throughout Central and South America searching for interesting unique people and places to capture our experiences in word and pictures. I am an active member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance, as well as the Gwinnett County Georgia writer’s guild.


Cadence StrangeName: Cadence Strange
Email: news@news.co.cr
Read articles by Cadence Strange

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Cadence Strange relocated to Costa Rica in 2008. An avid surfer, he lives on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast where he works on other writing projects as well as in Hospitality Management. His work history includes various fields of sales and Marketing, F&B consultation and management and wild-land firefighting. He also has a strong creative background in music as a performing artist in the Pacific North West.


susan elliotName: Susan Elliott
Email: news@news.co.cr
Read articles by Susan Elliott

A California native, I’ve enjoyed being an AFTRA voice talent and radio writer/producer for many years. My other hat involved 10 years as Volunteer Executive Director of a non-profit organization my husband and I created to support people whose lives are touched by epilepsy. Running away from the financial crumbling of California, partnered with stress induced threats to our mental and physical well being, we decided to take the ‘leap of faith’ into an early retirement 2 years ago.

After 15 years of visiting this awe-inspiring country, we made our great escape to the breathtaking Nicoya Peninsula where Brian, my truly wonderful friend and loving husband of 33 years; our son, hero and inspiration-Paul, and I are learning the pura vida of the locals. While we miss our amazing daughter who is in the States completing her Masters in Speech Pathology, at least she has the benefit of great vacations visiting her family!

Our new motto: If you’re blessed enough to live in paradise before you die, you’re blessed enough!


Solson SchermanName: Solson Scherman
Email: info@foto.cr
Phone: (506) 8862-4422
Business: www.foto.cr
Read articles by Solson Scherman

Solson Scherman is a photographer specializing in lifestyle portrait and event photography, based in Heredia Costa Rica. As a dual citizen (USA & CR) he has split his life between two cultures, accumulating a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Mary Washington, and experience in a number of industries along the way. Solson was one of the early adopters of social media as a business tool in Costa Rica, and maintains a strong internet presence through a number of outlets as well as his official website, above.

As a self-taught photographer he enjoys sharing anything he’s learned, though he’s likely to admit ignorance and Google the answer.


Aaron AtkeyName: Aaron Atkey
Email: info@mambosurf.com
Phone: (506) 2640-0256
Business Owner: Mambo Surf
Read articles by Aaron Atkey

Canadian born, Costa Rican raised. I was born in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, but never really lived there. My parents being of the wandering sort decided to bring me to Costa Rica when I was just a few months old. I grew up on the beach, isolated from what you would consider “normal” society until I was a bit older. Being bilingual is a great thing, as it gives me unique perspectives into everyday problems here in Costa Rica.

I have a background in ESL, as well as content writing for several different websites over the years. Currently I am running my own company called Mambo Surf, with my brother. We live in Santa Teresa, on the Nicoya Peninsula, and have been involved in the tourism and hospitality industry for the past 15 years as a family. Being a surfer, fisherman, writer and part time tour guide, I love to help people out. Teaching is something I love, nothing makes me happier than making a positive change in someone’s life. Weather it’s surfing, or cooking or Spanish or English, teaching has been a part of my life for a long time.


Marcel EvansName: Marcel Evans
Email: news@news.co.cr
Read articles by Marcel Evans

Born and raised in Eastern Canada, Marcel Evans now lives in San Jose Costa Rica and works for a technology corporation offering technical support for the in-house production team. His extensive experience with computer programming and University of Toronto science groups, makes him a really well versed writer for technology news here in Costa Rica. His Spanish is a little bit rusty, but he is picking it up quickly and loving the recent transition to Costa Rica. You can find Marcel at any bar in Costa Rica that plays Jazz music and has a good steak and wine selection.


James Marshall BlackName: James Marshall Black, PhD
Email: jadanipz@gmail.com
Read articles by James Marshall Black

I am a generalist and always have been. Maybe that’s why I first studied English and then health, because both are pretty broad fields. Freshly armed with my respective BA and MS, the Kansas State Department of Health hired me as Senior Health Educator and I was unimaginably happy working with migrant workers, Indians, senior citizens, urban planning, children, environmental problems, community organization, alcoholism, and drafting laws, writing and traveling all over the state giving presentations at schools, community groups and county fairs. I was given a car and travel budget, and total freedom.

But then an offer I couldn’t refuse: My University (Southern Illinois University) invited me to join a health research project. I earned a PhD in health while there and then went on to become a federal health planner and training consultant. Before I knew it, I was just another bureaucrat, working in an office with coat and tie and hanging by my thumbs.

After visiting friends in Costa Rica and falling in love with the country, I shucked it all to live here, teaching English and computer science at Colegio Lincoln, and then became a radio/TV producer, and translator. I now work as a freelance writer and help persons to relocate and obtain residency. Once again, I am happy. Every day is a new adventure, and I don’t have to wear a coat and tie, either!


Bernardo MontesName: Bernardo Montes de Oca
Email: bmontesdeoca@gmail.com
Read articles by Bernardo Monte

Born in San José, Costa Rica, the 17th of October 1985. Mechanical engineer by choice, writer by passion, he began writing at the age of fourteen, finishing his first novel by the age of eighteen. His first publication as a journalist came in 2010 and has been writing in the lines of fiction, sports articles, cultural and travel journalism ever since. Always fond of detail and research, he prefers getting into the thick of the situation, whatever it is, to better understand what he is writing about.


Tom RosenbergerName: Tom Rosenberger
Email: tom@costaricahomebuilder.com
Read articles by Tom Rosenberger

Thomas Rosenberger is a highly skilled bi-lingual professional, with 30 years of business experience. He’s a legal, permanent resident and has lived and worked in Costa Rica since 1992; inspecting, building, and remodeling housing. With his 20 years of experience in Costa Rica, Tom knows how to work with local lawyers, engineers, architects, tradesmen and government officials to get things done in Costa Rica. Moreover, he’s able to provide his clients with the knowledge they need in order to make informed decisions when conducting business in Costa Rica.


Bill AndersonName: Bill Anderson
Email: bill@bill-anderson.com
Read articles by Bill Anderson

My fascination with technology began when I obtained my novice class amateur radio license, while I was in the 6th grade. My part-time jobs during college were as a DJ and engineer for two radio stations. This led to four years in the US Air Force as a Communications Officer during the Vietnam War. In 1973, I built an IMSAI 8080, which was my first PC. 1978, I was a programmer on the team that ported Unix V7 to an Onyx Z8000 – the microcomputer to run Unix as an OS. In 1994, I managed a team that converted a massive Gopher site to HTML. In 1996, I got involved with Linux, which led to my involvement with Android. I am still a ham radio operator (WW7BA), a member of the American Legion, and actively involved in Linux and Android devices. Ask me anything about Linux and Android, but not about Windows or Mac.

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