45 People Have Been Drugged and Raped in Costa Rica the First Four Months of 2017

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The statistics of the Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigative Police (OIJ) show that between the months of January and April of 2017 a total of 45 people reported being victims of rape after being drugged in parties in different areas of the country, this number is the highest reported in the last few years.

Alexander Arroniz, chief of the sexual crimes unit of the OIJ explains that criminals are using drugs such as Ketamine and Clonazepam to “knockout” their victims, “it’s a liquid that is poured into a drink and it has a sedative effect, long lasting and its effect is almost immediate”.

The victim usually meets the aggressor in a bar, they are drugged and then taken to motels or houses where the rape takes place. The victim usually comes back to his/her senses several hours later in an unknown location.

The majority of the cases reported have occurred in San José, 13 in total, while Alajuela reported 11 cases.

Victims are usually young adults.

The OIJ asks parents to talk to their teenagers and young adults about the numerous risks they face and recommend:

• Not going to a bar alone, always go with someone you trust, and do not leave the bar with a stranger.
• Do not accept drinks from a stranger, even nonalcoholic beverages and even if you were introduced to the “stranger” by an acquaintance.
• Ideally request bottled or canned drinks and open them yourself or ask the bartender to open it in front of you
• Do not leave your drink unattended.
• Go to bars you are familiar with and always provide information or where you will be and at what time you will return with your family or friends.

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