5 Reasons Expats Want to Live in a Costa Rican Blue Zone

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Blue Zones are geographic areas with high concentrations of individuals over 100 years of age and were people generally get to an advance age without experiencing health problems like obesity, heart disease, cancer or diabetes; one of the few blue zones around the world is found in Costa Rica, more specifically in the Nicoya Peninsula.

According to recent data by the Ministry of Health, there are over 900 people over 90 years-old living in the Nicoya Peninsula and more than 5000 inhabitants are over 75 and healthy.

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is divided into the provinces of Guanacaste (north side) and Puntarenas (south side). These regions, specially the portion in Guanacaste has become one of the preferred places for expats looking to move to Costa Rica or retire in this wonderful country.

There are many reasons to choose to live in a Costa Rica Blue Zone, here we give you 5 of them:

1) Long Life: The main purpose of wanting to live in a Blue Zone is precisely to enjoy a longer life, but a better one too. The population in the Nicoya Peninsula enjoys a healthier lifestyle, which means better physical, emotional and mental health. Fresh food, less stress, fresh air and daily contact with nature does wonders for the human body.

2) Climate: The weather in Costa Rica in general is one of the main reason expats move to this country to begin with, and the Nicoya Peninsula offers perfect warm weather year-round, even during the rainy season the mornings are sunny, allowing you to get the dosage of Vitamin D your body needs to prevent different illnesses, the afternoon showers are refreshing, make everything greener and calm your soul.

3) Family and Community Focus: The Nicoya Peninsula still maintains a sense of rural area, even though you find all main services, the people who live here usually work on farms, or in tourism, and they pass on their traditions to the new generations. Going to church on Sundays and enjoying community activities are part of the fun that inhabitants of this Blue Zone enjoy. Kids living in a Blue Zone spend tons of times outdoors exercising and exploring in a safe environment.

4) Guanacaste Nicoya Peninsula: The area of the Nicoya Peninsula that is part of the Guanacaste province is certainly the most popular, the beautiful beaches and amazing nature certainly have a lot to do with this. Areas like Nosara have become the home of many expats that have formed a wonderful and organized community based in the principals of living in a blue zone, a healthy, laid back, sustainable lifestyle. The many beaches in this area as well as wildlife refuges and traditional communities present the perfect place to live an amazing and different life.

5) Puntarenas Nicoya Peninsula: Slightly less developed, this area has also quickly grown in popularity in the past few years, Santa Teresa in particular has become a magnet for those looking to live in a quiet surf town, while the charming beach town of Montezuma attracts many.

Blue Zones have certainly inspired many who have dedicated their life to investigate the factors that make these places special and unique, the truth is that is the real “Pura Vida” lifestyle that makes all the difference.

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If you want to live your life to the fullest, don’t think twice, moving to a Costa Rican Blue Zone is certainly the way to go.

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