Aerospace Festival This Weekend in Jaco

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Jaco Air Fest is an aerospace event that will take place this weekend in Jaco, Costa Rica in the are close to the Jaco Walk Shopping Center.

The event will gather some of the best acrobatic paragliding pilots of the world, the exhibit will include paragliding, paramotors, paratrikes, aeromodelling, skydiving, drones and a hot air balloon.

The exhibit is completely free, and those that attend can also enjoy other activities such as the flight and adventure fair, kites, frisbees, water slide, among others.

Those that wish to take a ride on the hot air balloon, or have a fun time paragliding or aboard the paramotors can do so at excellent fair prices.

Jaco Air Fest will also have the presence of four World Champions in acrobatic paragliding, Horacio LLorens, Raul Rodríguez, Félix Rodríguez and Javier Tejero all from Span and specializing in freestyle pragliding.

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