Are Washington Democrats Seriously Alienating Independent Voters

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Let’s give a round of rowdy cheers and whistles to the Washington Democrats who have seriously alienated Independent voters with their screaming rants about a new Socialist America with free healthcare, free college and a $15/hour minimum wage to flip those burgers.

Decades ago the Independent voter represented a small number while the two-party political system in the United States of America ruled supreme. The Independent voter was largely ignored much like they are disregarded in 2019. But in today’s world the Independent voter represents 46-percent of all registered voters, according to Gallup polls.

Gallup Polling has been tracking voter registration with monthly polls — they have conducted — since 2004. The trend since 2004 has seen a steady increase in Independents and a steady decline in both registered Republicans and Democrats. The last Gallup poll on this subject was conducted June 3-16, 2019. It showed registered Republicans at 26-percent of all registered voters and the Democrats came in with 27-percent. Those numbers add up to 99-percent so there’s 1-percent who don’t know who or what to claim.

The Democrats and their incessant cries for Socialism, extending health benefits to illegals, giving driver’s licenses to illegals, giving voting rights to convicted felons in prison, open borders and higher taxes for all is scary stuff to the Independent voter who became disenfranchised with both political parties and walked away.

Last time around in 2016 it was the Independent voters who voted for then presidential candidate Donald Trump and it will be the Independent voters that hand President Trump a second-term mainly because of neglect by the Democrats and their view of the future for the USA.

During the recent Democratic debate in Miami, Florida, Independent voters took a dim view of what those 20 candidates talked about up on that stage for two nights. Of course Independents were not included in the debate. None of those candidates spoke up for Independents and how to bring them closer to Socialism.

For Campaign 2020 it’s a sure bet Independent voters will again be closed out from voting in many of the upcoming state-by-state caucuses and primaries. When Independents do get the chance to vote they show up in greater percentages than the Republicans or Democrats. Voter turnout among Independents has been trending upward for years, but still they get snubbed.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are about 157.6-million American citizens registered to vote. Registered Independents now far outnumber the other two political parties. Without the Independent voters — the Democrats are doomed to fail big time next year — so much so their grasp on the U.S. House of Representatives is all but assured to be lost. And still the Democrats pay no attention to the Independent voter who is the key to victory in 2020 for President Trump and the Republicans.

Democrats must know the truth that they are only at 27-percent but they ignore it because they can’t handle the fact their political party is dying on the vine like a bunch of rotten tomatoes roasting in the summer heat.

The Republicans at 26-percent are not doing any better than the Democrats but the Republicans and President Trump can claim a robust record-setting economy the Democrats would surely disrupt if given the chance to spread their hateful Democratic Socialism on the USA.

The Independent Party — should be equal in every way with Democrats and Republicans — with their own candidates on voting ballots in all 50 states, hold their own nominating convention, participate in all caucuses and primary elections and stand alongside the Democratic and Republican nominees during the nationally televised debates during Campaign 2020.

Move over Rover and make some room. It will be the Independent voter that saves the day.

About the Author Britt Nelson relocated to Costa Rica in 2011 from Florida, where he served as news editor for the Palatka Daily News, a newspaper owned by the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group (NYT-RNG) for 20 years.

Nelson served the NYT-RNG for 18 years in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida as a correspondent, reporter, staff writer, senior staff writer training new reporters, copy editor, page designer, editorial writer, editorial page editor and editorial board member.

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