Barrio La California Will Have New Gastronomy Market

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A total of $3.5 million are being invested in the development of a gastronomy market that will also include a coworking area in the San Jose neighborhood known as La California.

The project, under the name “Amor de Barrio” (Neighborhood Love) is expected to open doors by the end of this year and is a project of the owners of La Fabbrica Italian Restaurant.

“Amor de Barrio” is one of several gastronomy markets that have opened in the recent years in different areas of San Jose, among them El Mestizo in Plaza Tempo, Escazu; Mercado Escalante, El Abasto, Container Platz in Santa Ana and Mercado La California.

The area of coworking involves 500 square meters (5,382 square ft.), while the gastronomy space has a total 2,000 square meters (21,523 square ft.)

The offer includes Lebanese, Peruvian and Spanish cuisine as well as Costa Rican options, a rooftop bar and a basement bar.

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