You Can Now Set Up Shop in Costa Rica’s Central and South Pacific in Just 10 Days

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Municipalities in the Central and South Pacific regions of Costa Rica have shortened the time it takes to have a business permit granted, said government representatives of the Alcanzando Escala program (which translates to Achieving Scale).

In order to improve the business climate in the Central and South Pacific region of the country, municipal procedures that previously lasted 33 days can now be carried out in as little as 10 days; thanks to this program which is funded by several partners.

The CRUSA Foundation, the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, and the presidency’s community development program called Tejiendo Desarrollo, or “Weaving Development” have all contributed to make the program possible.

The municipalities of Puntarenas, Orotina, San Mateo, Esparza, Parrita, Quepos, Montes de Oro, Monteverde and Paquera all have the streamlined procedures in place already, and other regions are in the process of adopting them.

The greater efficiency was achieved by reducing the number requirements from 19 down to 10, the creation of a single business licensing application form, and a single platform inside the local government offices where applicants can download all the documents and materials required to submit the application, said program officials.

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