The City of Liberia in Guanacaste Continues to Attract Investment

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Coca Cola Company acquired 30 hectares of land in the industrial park Solarium close to the Daniel Oduber Airport with the purpose of installing their raw materials supply for their production.

The Coca Cola Company already produces its raw materials in the country. The exports for the syrups and concentrates for the preparation of soda beverages continue in a constant growth. In 2012 export sales reached $243,5 millions, this number increased to $269 million in 2016 and by November of 2017 the number was of $282 million already.

Although Coca Cola hasn’t officially referred to this new investment in the country, the information was confirmed by the Major of Liberia, Julio Viales, since the permits are already in progress.

It has been said that hardware stores El Colono is also investing close to $5 million in the city of Liberia and has already began working on the construction permits in this county.

The city of Liberia continues to grow and attracts investment in the province of Guanacase that will also see new hotels open doors in the near future, among them Hard Rock Hotel, Papagayo Bay Resort & Luxury Villas and Radisson Blu.

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