Costa Rica Cancels Massive Events After 9 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

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Costa Rica has confirmed nine cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and this Monday the Ministry of Health in coordination with the National Emergency Commission (CNE) informed that as of Tuesday, March 10, all massive events and activities, both free and paid, are canceled; also, the President gave orders for public institution employees to work from home when possible. The objective is to mitigate the transmission of the virus.

The cancelation of events applies by decree for all activity of high concentration of people, whether it is of free access or organized a commercial activity, these includes concerts (Such as Guns N’ Roses), parades, carnivals, public shows, etc. Special measures are to be applied for theaters, movie theaters and sporting events. For the time being religious activities and education will carry on without suspension.
The Ministry of Work has aided other public institution to have employees work from home whenever possible. This is also suggested to the private sector.

There are currently 9 confirmed cases of coronavirus, among them 3 Americans, two of which are tourists and the third a 70 year old woman who is a resident in Costa Rica and recently came back from a trip to the United States; the rest of the patients are all Costa Rican, five of them where in contact with the American couple that where the first to be diagnosed. All patients are currently isolated and following treatment and close observation.

Lessons at the different public and private schools and high schools will carry on normally. Only one school located in El Porvenir, Desamparados was shut down for 10 days after one of the teachers was diagnosed with the virus.

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