Costa Rica Offers Amazing Bird Watching Tours in 2015

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Bird Watching in Costa RicaA new April 2015 Southern Costa Rica: Birding and Nature Tour designed to explore Costa Rica’s rich avian diversity is announced by Naturalist Journeys.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 01, 2015 – Naturalist Journeys, a top nature and birding tour company, announces a new Southern Costa Rica: Birding & Nature Tour from April 8-18, 2015. Travelers will explore Costa Rica’s stunning array of birds, alongside opportunities to discover ecosystems from high cloud forest reserves to the lowland Pacific Rainforest.

Despite its small size, Costa Rica’s avian diversity is world renowned. More species have been recorded in this small nation than in the whole of United States and Canada combined. Over one-quarter of the country has been designated as a national park, wildlife refuge, biological reserve, or other type of protected area. While many travelers have visited parks and preserves in more northern parts of the country, around San Jose, Sarapiqui, and Monteverde, few have ventured to the south.

Southern Costa Rica offers an outstanding chance to see one of the world’s most beautiful birds – the Resplendent Quetzal. This sacred species of the Mayans inhabits the cloud forests and Peg Abbott, owner and veteran guide of Naturalist Journeys ranks Costa Rica’s Savegre Valley in the Talamanca Mountains as one of the easiest places to find them. The Resplendent Quetzal features iridescent tail feathers stretching over 20 inches in length. She says that dates for this new tour were chosen in part for success in viewing quetzals. “The nesting season is March and April when high levels of activity by parents feeding young helps secure that participants get good sightings”.

Participants in the Southern Costa Rica: Birding & Nature Tour will also scour forests for species including Black Guan, Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher, Cerise-throated Hummingbird, and Peg-billed Finch. Along the Rio Savegre, which cuts through a lush montane valley, they can find Emerald Toucanets, Flame-colored Tanagers, Collared Redstarts, and Rufous-browed Peppershrikes.

This tour features a special stop at Carara National Park, which is home to almost unparalleled biodiversity along the Central American Pacific Coast. Carara’s forests are the northernmost reach of many Pacific lowland rainforest species. Expert guides help participants find Scaly-breasted Hummingbirds, Blue-throated Goldentails, Orange-collared Manakins, Black-hooded Antshrikes, and Chestnut-backed Antbirds.

“I wanted to encourage birders and nature enthusiasts to return to a country so committed to preservation of nature,” said Naturalist Journeys CEO Peg Abbott. “Costa Rica has always been a favorite destination since my first trip there in 1988. I have returned many times, and it seemed it was time to highlight the birds and nature of the southern part of the country. I felt the mix of mountain to seacoast, and time at the Wilson Botanical Gardens was not to be missed. The Wilson Botanical Gardens are amongst the best in the tropics, boasting 400 bird, 2000 native plant, and 800 butterfly species.”

Naturalist Journeys’ April 8-18, 2015 Southern Costa Rica: Nature & Bird Watching Tour begins and ends in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is led by experienced guide Willy Alfaro, and is limited to 10 participants.

About Naturalist Journeys

Naturalist Journeys is a nature-travel company based in Portal, Arizona. They strive to support eco-tourism throughout the U.S. and beyond, through small-group guided journeys, often in co-operation with local non-profit groups and communities.

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