Costa Rica Recognizes Labor of US Ambassador Sharon Day

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo Solano, presented the US Ambassador to Costa Rica, Sharon Day with the award of the “Juan Mora Fernandez National Order in the level of Great Cross of Silver Plate” in honor of the conclusion of her diplomatic mission in Costa Rica.

The ceremony was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of President Carlos Alvarado. Chancellor Solano expressed his recognition to the work done by Ambassador Day which contributed significantly to the strengthening of bilateral relations of cooperation as well as economic and cultural exchanges between the United States and Costa Rica.

“The arrival of Ambassador Day to our country came filled with important energy towards commitment and work, with such an ample agenda that I cannot cover it in these words of farewell. Today we thank her for each of the huge contributions to our country”, expressed Solano.

President Alvarado also highlighted Day’s “vision, drive and determination” and the personal style with which she managed the relations between the United States and Costa Rica.

The “Great Cross of Silver Plate of the Juan Mora Fernandez National Order” is named after Costa Rica’s first head of state, a school teacher that stood out for his modesty, simplicity, and patriotism while driving the destiny of the country with great ability and talent, having the benefit of the citizens as his goal.

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