Costa Rica still says NO to genetically modified corn

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In the past The Costa Rica Star has published extensively on Monsanto and GMO products.

The official response to the request by Monsanto for seed planting and research is being hampered by lobbyists who are opposed to the concept. reports that “The National Biosafety Technical Commission requested further studies on the impacts of transgenic corn planting in Costa Rica by the Monsanto company, meaning that they are still unable to define whether or not the permit will be granted.”

The permit was requested by the company D & PL Seeds Ltd, a subsidiary of Monsanto International, in early November 2012. The plan was to grow between 1 and 2 hectares of crops genetically modified to be resistant to one type of pest and to provide tolerance to a herbicide (glyphosate).

Farmers and environmental groups have expressed fears that the crops requested, even though they are in small areas, could modify the genes of local grains, enabling lawsuits by Monsanto for violation of patent ownership.


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