Costa Rica Tour El Trapiche

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A Trapiche is a mill made of wooden rollers that are used to extract juice from sugar cane and the word is used in Costa Rica to refer to the area where the mill is located.

The tour to El Trapiche takes you to a family business in Monteverde, if you are already in this area, you should certainly plan to take this tour. It’s a short 2 hour tour that takes you to a walk of the farm where you can see the sugar cane plantations as well as coffee, banana plants, fruit trees, among others. Visitors will be walked through the process of sugarcane cultivation, cocoa and coffee process, from the moment it is planted to how it is cultivated; a knowledgeable guide explains all about the history of the farm and the mill which arrived in Monteverde back in 1948, it was moved from San Ramón, Alajuela in a 15 day journey.

Those interested, are invited to make a short trip in an oxen cart and experience this important means transportation and work tool used many years back in Costa Rica, and still used in certain areas.

All visitors are able to see a demonstration of the different types of trapiches and even learn all about the process of creating “Guaro” (cane liquor).

The tour finishes at the place where various derivatives from sugar cane are made, brown sugar, traditional Costa Rican “sobado”(a sweet caramel like candy) guests will get the chance to experience making their own candy.

Guests will be able to enjoy a delicious Costa Rican meal including arracache and agua dulce.
Guided tours can be booked Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., Sundays only at 3 p.m. It has a cost of US$33.00 per adult and US$12.00 for children.

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