Costa Rican Authorities Make Sanitary Improvements in Manuel Antonio

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The joint efforts of public institutions, the community and private companies lead to the lifting of the sanitary restriction the Manuel Antonio National Park held, and with this the visitation to this park, the most visited in Costa Rica, was reactivated, for a maximum allowed of 2,700 people a day.

“The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) managed to make improvements to the wastewater systems in Playa 3, which was key to recover the number of visitors” commented Pamela Castillo, vice-minister of Environment.

Wit the assistance of the Costa Rican Tourism Board and the National System of Areas of Conservation (SINAC), 10 portable toilets were added and 10 new staff members for the attention of tourists that visit the part.

“Thanks to all these changes, and following technical criteria, the park can receive 2,700 visitors a day”, continued Castillo.
Access to Manuel Antonio was restricted to 1,300 visitors a day for several months due to the problem with the sewage and wastewater systems.

According to Carlos Venegas, regional director of the Ministry of Health, the problem continues in part because there are areas were the water-table (underground water) is very high, which saturates the ground and complicates the proper flow of water to the tanks.
In addition to this, the number of visitors this park receives increases every year, currently this number is of over 400,000 tourists a year.

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