Costa Rican Minister of Treasury Resigns

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The administration of President Carlos Alvarado lost another important piece with the resignation of the Minister of Treasury, Rocío Aguilar

Aguilar announced her decision this Wednesday after being notified that the Comptroller General of the Republic had recommended to the President her suspension for 30 days due to her decision to pay the bills owed by the Central Government to its debtors at the beginning of the administration when there was no budget allocated to do so.

During the government of Luis Guillermo Solis the funds authorized by the Legislative Assembly to pay public debt in the first months of 2018 had been exhausted, leaving a hole of close to $1 billion USD in debt mainly to public institutions such as the Social Security Service (CCSS) and public banks.

Even though President Alvarado had not made a decision on the recommendation given by the Comptroller General, Aguilar decided to present her resignation.

After the measures implemented by Aguilar, the central Government has been able to decrease its expenses for the first time since 2016.
Aguilar presented in her first month as a Minister, 11 measures to bring down expenses in the government.

The reform is not a distribution of benefits, but an equal distribution of sacrifices to help the country move forward”, had explained Aguilar.

“Since the first day this government has pushed and will continue pushing until the last day to have healthy public finances. We came here to fix problem. Today, due to the resolution of the Comptroller General of the Republic I received the irrevocable resignation of Rocío Aguilar as Minister of Treasury. She has served her country with honor. Her hard work was key to stabilizing and bring to health the public finances. I do not share the resolution of the Comptroller, Mrs. Rocío has always acted to protect the interest of the country. I respect her decision and I understand it as act to protect her honor, her image and dignity. My biggest gratitude will be to maintain a responsible route in matters of public treasury”, commented President Alvarado.

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