Costa Rican Surfer Brisa Hennessy Wins WQS 5.000 in China

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Costa Rican surfer Brisa Hennessy took the first place at the Women Qualifying Series (WQS) 5,000 Corona Open in China by defeating Vahine Fierro from France.

This is the first time in the history of the country that a Costa Rican takes a WQS 5,00. With this win Brisa took the lead of the qualifying tour.

The final was very close with a difference of just 0.14, Hennessy earned 12 points (5.50 + 6.50) while Fierro scored 11.86 (5.43 + 6.43) in a 30 minute heat.

“Since I arrived to this place I felt a special connection with the waves. This win is very special to me, I want a great year”, commented Hennessy.

Brisa will be taking part of the Australia 5,000 in March and Dream Tour in April

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