Get Your Tattoo and Help The Homeless Who Live on the Streets of San Jose

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“Chepe se Tatúa” is the name of a tattoo marathon campaign, organized by the Costa Rican Technology Institute and the project “Chepe se Baña”, which provides homeless people of San José with the opportunity to take a shower and have access to a bathroom in a bus adapted for this purpose.

The marathon hopes to raise funds to modify a bus into a mobile barber shop.

Those interested in getting a tattoo and collaborating with this cause can choose from a catalogue of preselected designs (sizes between 3×3 cm and 7×7 cm). The tattoo has a cost of 10,000 colones.

The activity will take place at Coki Tattoo Studio in Zapote, on May 20 and starting at 9 a.m. It will have the presence of tattoo experts such as Coki Jara, Laura Impuro, Carlos Llos, Bren Mendez, Piloy Yolip, Andres Ramirez, Harold Alvarado, Moises Kampos and Steven Cocho Kong.

The buses help the many homeless that live in the San José streets, a population estimated in close to 1100, improve their quality of life while at the same time will contribute with the image of the city.

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