How to Receive a Lifetime Guarantee on Dental Work in Costa Rica

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Dental Tourism is a growing business in Costa Rica and throughout the last few years more dental clinics have seen the opportunity this represents and have made investments and efforts to offer better and more complete services that meet the expectations of the foreign patients.

Foreigners interested in dental tourism usually have a lot of questions about the level of service they will receive, most of these questions are motivated by misinformation and the natural uneasiness that comes from being in a foreign country and not being familiar with the laws, service standards, consumer rights, culture, language etc.

Odontologists in Costa Rica receive a formal and very professional education, they undergo at least 5 years of college and many of them choose to continue their education abroad in the United States for the specialties selected.

The country has the National College of Dental Surgeons, institution where all dentists must be registered to get their license. They also keep records of each dentist’s qualifications, specialties and training and make the information available to the public, so patients can verify the qualifications of the professional they chose.

It is important that dental tourists take the necessary steps before choosing the Dental Clinic or health professional in Costa Rica that will be carrying out the treatment needed, to ensure they are picking a professional that meets all the requirements and a clinic that will fulfill their expectations.

For instance, the Flikier Dental Institute offers its clients a Real Lifetime Guarantee on all dental work including implants (single and multiple teeth replacement), this with the purpose of reassuring their clients on the quality of the materials and work they are getting.

“The Flikier Dental Institute is the only implant and dental center in the country to offer the Real Lifetime guarantee and we are able to do this because we work with the best materials available in the market, we have excellent professionals’ specialists in different fields;”, explained Dr. Simon Flikier.

Flikier clarified that clients can receive a lifetime guarantee as long as their oral hygiene maintenance is adequate, the dentist’s instructions are followed, the damage is not caused by sports or accidents; or if the problem is caused by naturally reduced gum tissue or bone or underlying medical conditions that have unfavorable effects on the jaw; if any of the aforementioned has caused the problem the guarantee will be reduced or invalidated.

If you are investing on getting the dental treatment that you need, make sure to select the right dentist and clinic to make for a smooth and stress-free experience.

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