Jaco Canopy Tour, Where Ziplining, Jungle and Beach Collide in Costa Rica

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Expat, Cammy Enete preparing to fly through the jungleI had zip lined three times before I hiked up the gorgeous trail to the first platform of the fourteen offered by Jaco Canopy. Once in Montezuma, Arenal, and Monteverde.

The views from the Jaco Canopy platforms are hard to top. It’s difficult to choose what to focus on. The emerald green offered by the surrounding jungle, the sapphire blue ocean, glowing below, or the metallic blue morpho butterflies that flittered around us. The guides were kind, playful, and professional. Ian, was a gentle spirit that taught me about the toucans that we observed, the poisonous caterpillars, pot belly trees that swelled from storing extra water for the dry season, and about the sensitive skin that poison dart frogs have. Lamar was a goofy giant. It was nice know that no matter how I zoomed into the platform that he would be able to stop or catch me. Julio, was a quiet smiling photographer that chronicled the adrenalin-filled experience.

I zipped facing forwards and upside down! Some of the zips were so long, you couldn’t see where the next platform was, gliding mid-jungle for over a minute! In the end, I had a great time with Jaco Canopy, and would highly recommend them. I place them as my second favorite zip line experience out of four. First place goes to the zip lines in Monteverde. However, I’m not sure if that is because it was my first time zip-lining, because it was in the cloud forest, because I was seven years younger, or because their breaking equipment was different than the other three.

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Canopy Tours on the way to Arenal with Superman zip lines

The Guide to Your New Life in Costa RicaShannon is an international resident from San Diego, currently residing in Costa Rica. Her first career of 10 years was spent serving San Diego & Kansas City as a paramedic. Shannon has visited 29 countries by the age of 32. In addition to writing, Shannon owns Enete Enterprises, LLC a video and print publication company that specializes in travel guidebooks and the creation of marketing videos for tourism, hospitality, and real estate sectors. To learn more about Costa Rica, and upcoming editions: Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia visit www.BecominganExpat.com.

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