Maintenance Will Force Closure of La Amistad Bridge in Guanacaste Costa Rica for two Months

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The National Roads Authority (CONAVI) is planning the closure of La Amistad Bridge over the Tempisque river which connects the Guanacaste counties of Cañas and Nicoya.

The closure obeys to the need to do maintenance and repair works and will require the closure of the structure for at least two months and an investment of over one million dollars.

Helmut Wenzel, original designer of the structure, confirmed in a recent inspection that the bridge required prompt intervention. La Amistad bridge was inaugurated in 2003 it was donated by Taiwan and has not received proper maintenance throughout the years, also a car accident that occurred some years back involving a heavy vehicle caused damages to the structure. Studies from the National Laboratory of Structural Materials and Models (Lanamme) from 2014 and 2016 had also reported the problems the structure presents.

CONAVI is considering the best time to proceed with the two month closure, “It is a priority, we have to do it soon, because otherwise the damages will get worse; we cannot allow this to become an urgency”, commented Mario Rodríguez, executive director of Conavi, who also explained that the repairs are complex and will require the structure to be lifted. Conavi is also considering the impact that it will have in the traffic.

The old ferry service could be an alternative to mitigating the problems it will cause for users of this road.

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