Manuel Antonio National Park Made Necessary Upgrades to Wastewater Treatment System

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The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) confirmed that the problems that Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos was having with the sewage system have finally come to an end.

“The problem with the sewage system was that the treatment plants installed back in 2007 had already run their useful life, the lack of maintenance also, caused the systems to stop working properly, some of them were overflowing causing bad smells and contamination in an area of the National Park”, explained Gerardo Chavarría from the Central Pacific Conservation Area.

The Central Pacific Conservation Area in alliance with the Foundation Costa Rica Por Siempre worked together to find an adequate and more permanent solution to the problem.

Marcelo Batres from Costa Rica Por Siempre commented “Through an agreement with the company BIONEST that specializes in wastewater treatment solutions, we ran a study of the sewage system in the National Park and with that information we concluded that the best answer was to create a new treatment plant in the park ranger station”.

The process included separating the residue water coming from the kitchen areas, from the rest of the waste waters coming from the bathrooms, and sinks. The new wastewater treatment plant was installed in March and it included the installation of a new oil and grease trap.

The system is now fully functional. The total investment on this project was of $27,000.00 USD.

These upgrades are necessary to preserve the natural areas and provide a better service to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit Manuel Antonio National Park every year.

At the beginning of the year the Quepos Health Department notified the Ministry of Environment of several changes that needed to be made in the National Park in order for it to continue its operations.

Other upgrades include: the construction of the main accesses according to what is established in the Law 7600 (Equal Opportunities Law for People with Disabilities), the construction of a universal trail, the improvements in the drinking water supply system, the portable restrooms service and the parks’ emergency plan.

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