US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Situation of Covid-19 in Nicaragua

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The United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, expressed during a press conference this Wednesday, his concern about the situation of Covid-19 in Nicaragua and particularly how this country has chosen to handle the pandemic.

“ (regarding Nicaragua) We’re concerned about numerous credible reports of hospitals filling up and bodies being buried under cover of night, pointing to a much more severe situation than the regime is actually acknowledging.

And we’re concerned that individuals around the world, individuals including journalists, have been arrested and detained based on their public statements or activities regarding COVID-19. The United States condemns all such uses of the pandemic around the world as a pretext for repression.

According to the weekly report given by Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health, the number of transmissions in the country went from 25 to 254 cases and 17 dead. However, according to the Observatorio Ciudadano (a group of resected physicians that gather data and analyze it) through May 16 there were close to 1,5690 suspicious cases and 366 deaths in the country due to “pneumonia”.

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