New Airstrip in Quepos Costa Rica Will be Ready by End of July

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According to the timeline given by the construction company in charge of the works at the new Quepos aerodrome, the new landing strip will be ready by the end of July this year.

On May 18, 2018 the General Directorate of Civil Aviation will take possession of the land that will be used for the second stage of the aerodrome, and therefore on May 19 the work will commence to build the Domestic Terminal, the access boulevard, the parking platform, etc.

Rolando Richmond, Sub-Director of Civil Aviation, commented that all the work is supposed to be completed by October 15, 2018, date in which the aviation authority will audit the works and verify everything was completed according to the agreement. The airstrip, however, is in the last phases of construction and it should be ready by mid-July, which would allow for it to be operating by the end of that month.

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation is supervising the work being done and confirming the quality of the materials delivered by the contracted company.

The remodeling of the Quepos aerodrome involves an investment of over U.S. $9.5 million and has the objective of offering better conditions, infrastructure and security to the many tourists that choose to fly to Quepos where the main attraction is the Manuel Antonio National Park, the most visited National Park in Costa Rica.

The new design and infrastructure complies with the norms established by the International Civil Aviation Organization for a 2B airdrome.

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