New Website Offers Costa Rica Vacation Advice for Backpackers

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Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Liberia, Costa Rica — (SBWIRE) — 03/30/2016 — When it comes to backpacking a foreign country, nearly every backpacker will agree that knowledge is power. Inside information about a destination can save time and energy, keep costs under control and greatly enhance the chances of staying safe. For backpackers planning a Costa Rica trip, good news is in the air. Costa Rica Backpacking is a recently launched website, with the mission to be the world’s most comprehensive resource when it comes to backpacking the fun, beautiful country. Early visitors to the site have responded with enthusiasm.

“We’re the team behind the wildly popular Bali Backpacking website,” commented a spokesperson from Costa Rica Backpacking. “In response to the Bali site, we have received lots of positive feedback from our backpacking community wanting us to cover more locations around the globe. So we have moved onto covering backpacking in Costa Rica. Hopefully more locations will follow. We’re sure Costa Rica Backpacking is going to exceed expectations.”

According to the site, Costa Rica offers backpackers very diverse experiences and adventure. From world class beaches, to jungles and volcanoes in the interior of the country, to sites to be seen are quite amazing. The people themselves are also credited with being open, warm and friendly to Americans and Europeans and generally enjoying the idea of having backpackers inside their country.

About Costa Rica Backpacking
Some of the topics touched on at Costa Rica Backpacking include places to visit, things to do, details about flights and accommodation, and much more.

Early feedback for the site has been very positive.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “We are planning to backpack Costa Rica this summer. The Costa Rica Backpacking website has been invaluable.”

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