Results of the Final Kolbi National Surf Tournament in Costa Rica

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The 2019 Kolbi National Surf Circuit came to an end on Sunday at Playa Hermosa, Jacó, and it was veteran Noe Mar McGonagle who took the first place for the male event while Rubiana Brownwell was crowned in the female competition.

Even though Jair Pérez had already taken the first place in the general table. McGonagle took the win in the final date of the circuit.
Noe Mar was able to finally get another win in a national Open, he had won his last Open in the National Circuit back in 2013. This time he had to face the talents of Olman Morales, Jason Torres and Alvaro Solano.

“I gave it my all. The waves were difficult, and I am very happy. Taking the first place of this Circuit motivates me to visualize myself on the podium at the Panamerican games”, said McGonagle.

Rubiana, on the other hand, had to take on Julissa Matamoros, Paulina Summers and Indiana Ferri. In addition to taking the first place in the Open category, Brownell also took the Junior division.

Rubiana took last year two national titles and also reached the quarter finals of the Essential Costa Rica Pro.

Complete results:

1. Jair Pérez
2. Olman Morales
3. Gilbert Brown López
4. Leo Calvo
Female Open
1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Paulina Summers
3. Indiana Ferri
4. Julissa Matamoros
Bodyboard Open
1. Felipe Fernández
2. Jefferson Calderón
3. Jorhan Soto
4. Yordran Soto
Female Bodyboard
1. Beatriz Arleo
2. Cindy Diaz
3. Micaela Cubero
4. Melody Stevens
1. Gilbert Brown López
2. Diego Naranjo
3. Alvaro Solano
4. Mauricio Umaña
1. Daniel Alvarez
2. Marcelo Morán
3. Anthony Flores
4. Joel Rivera
SUP Surf
1. Marcel Oliveira
2. Jeffersón Tascón
3. José Ruiz
4. André Oliveira
Junior Masculino
1. Sam Reidy
2. Aarón Ramirez
3. Cedrick McCrakin
4. Kenneth Peralta
Junior Femenino
1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Paulina Summers
3. Valeria Ojeda
4. Indiana Ferri
1. Sam Reidy
2. Darshan Antequera
3. Aaron Ramirez
4. Tosh Talbot
1. Valeria Ojeda
2. Rubiana Brownell
3. Paulina Summers
4. André Oliveira
1. Leonardo Apreda
2. Ethan Hollander
3. David Monge
4. Pietro Garroux
Minigrommets Masculino
1. Ethan Hollander
2. Leonardo Apreda
3. Kian Ashara
4. Pietro Garroux
Minigrommet Female
1. Ericka Berra
2. Ava North
3. Albertina Torres
4. Erin Broks

Final Results 4th Date>

1. Noe Mar McGonagle
2. Jason Torres
3. Olman Morales
4. Alvaro Solano

Open Femenino
1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Indiana Ferri
3. Julissa Matamoros
4. Paulina Summers

Bodyboard Open
1. Jefferson Calderón
2. Felipe Fernández
3. Jorhan Soto
4. Yordran Soto

Bodyboard Femele
1. Beatriz Arleo
2. Cindy Diaz
3. Melody Stevens
4. Micaela Cubero
5. Dulce Agüer

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