A Proposal to Create a Marina in Limon, Costa Rica is Being Considered by Tourism Authorities

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Photo Credit: Universidad Hispanoamericana /Freddy Alvarez project

Architect Freddy Alvarez presented a proposal to create a marina in Limón Port as his graduation project “Transformation of the port space- tourism marina Limón Port”; the proposal raised the interest of the authorities of the Interinstitutional Commission of Tourism Marinas and Piers (CIMAT) which is an organ affiliated to the Costa Rica Tourism Institute and the Atlantic Zone Development and Port Administration Group (JAPDEVA in Spanish).

The proposal includes a Marina, a hotel a shopping center, restaurants, heliport, viewpoint, amphitheater and docks, among others.

Limon Port receives close to 300,000 tourists every year and the creation of this marina would generated close to 400 direct jobs and many indirect jobs and would increase the number of visitors that arrive by cruise ship and those attracted by nautical events.

The gastronomy, culture and natural attractions of the region play an important role in the tourism of this area.

In order to make this a reality, the entire project would require an investment of approximately USD $100 million.

This project would be in an area of heavy land and aquatic traffic, between route 32 and route 36.

The proposal is just in the beginning stages of consideration and analysis of viability.

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