Quepos Airstrip Officially Re-Opens In Costa Rica

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Civil Aviation in Costa Rica announced today the official reopening of the Quepos airstrip, which was supposed to be finished earlier this year.

According to Captain Guillermo Hoppe, General Director of Civil Aviation, Quepos is the third airdrome in importance in terms of connectivity in the national network of airdromes.

The plan to remodel this airstrip involves an investment of close to U.S. $9.5 million, the construction of the domestic terminal, a parking platform, access structure, among other improvements; however, different delays forced Civil Aviation to intervene with the support of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to make improvements to the landing strip and make the airdrome operational and safe again; Hoppe explained that the institution is “acting responsibly and continues with the objective of completing all the administrative, legal and operational requirements to give Quepos an airdrome with the design and infrastructure requirements for 2B airdrome as established by the International Civil Aviation Organization”.

Once all requirements are fulfilled the project including the initial remodeling plan will be completed, offering tourist and operators better conditions and more comfort.

Quepos in Puntarenas gets many national and foreign visitors mainly attracted by the Manuel Antonio National Park, the most visited park in Costa Rica.

An estimated date for the process and works to be completed was not offered.

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