Quepos, Costa Rica Next in Line for Fiber Optics

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Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has moved on from the beach communities on the northern Nicoya peninsula, to the central Pacific region of the Manuel Antonio National Park and its nearby small city of Quepos, for the country’s second rural fiber optics installation project, reported the agency this week.


The project will benefit at least 1,087 customers will be move from the copper cables to a faster, more resilient fiber optic system.

The first rural communities to experience the major technological upgrade were Santa Teresa, Mal País and Carmen de Cóbano who finished having their cables replaced earlier this year by the state electrical company. At least 850 customers benefited from the improved system.

The work in the port town of Quepos began this week, said Diego González, the ICE engineer who directs the company’s network replacement project, who explained:

“Quepos will be the country’s second 100% fiber optic zone. We expect that by March of next year we will have completed the first stage of the replacement of the access network in this area, so we can provide ultra broadband service.”

The fiber optic network will comprise about 11.2 kilometers of primary network and 11.3 kilometers of secondary network, from the center of the county to where the Manuel Antonio National Park is located.

In addition, ICE said they were opening this week a temporary center in the area to allow for better communication with clients and provision of services during this maintenance phase.

“With the implementation of this fiber optic network, we will be able to offer our customers greater bandwidth with speeds up to 100 Mbps, high-definition television and other services that previously could not be provided,” explained Rigoberto Marín, head of ICE’s Brunca Region.

ICE said they will continue to upgrade their networks throughout the country with their own personnel and resources. Next up is Barva, a mountain town in the province of Heredia, said ICE in a statement.

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