Salt Traders: Costa Rican Company Gives Salt Many Different Flavors

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Salt takes a whole new meaning for Salt Traders Costa Rica, a small company located in Santa Ana and which started out as an entrepreneurship in the University of Costa Rica by Russell Davis and Adrian Arroyo.

“For some time now my fascination for salt and cooking was growing, and I presented my class with the idea of creating the first Costa Rican brand specialized in sea salt”, explained Arroyo.

This company offers natural sea salt of many different flavors, which promises to bring out a completely different taste in the dishes prepared.

“We like thinking of salt as the base of a recipe and its main component. It brings out and maximizes the flavor of each ingredient. If you don’t use a high quality salt it is impossible to reach its potential”, said Arroyo.

The salt is offered in flavors such as salted caramel, rosemary, tangerine, chilera, blackberry, Panamanian chili pepper, lemon, to just mention a few.

Salt Traders invites you to try unique flavors by adding their salt ingredient to your favorite dishes.

They also offer artisan coffee and cold brew as well as a variety of beverages, desserts and pastries.

The company hopes to soon offer their products in national supermarket.

Salt Traders is in Santa Ana, 2 blocks South and 3 blocks East of Ekono store.

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