Same Sex Marriage Will be Legal in Costa Rica on May 26

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Back on 2018 the Constitution Court in Costa Rica had pronounced itself on same sex marriage in the country and domestic partnership between same sex couples declaring unconstitutional the articles that forbidden same sex marriage, the Court also adhered to the advisory opinion of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights which stated that same sex couples should be recognized and guaranteed.

The Constitutional Chamber then gave the Legislative Assembly 18 months to make the necessary adjustments to the law; and, in the event that in the given time-frame the Legislative Assembly did not take the necessary steps as requested by the Court, the articles that currently prohibit same-sex marriage would lose validity (will be declared null) automatically eliminating the prohibition that currently exists. That time frame concludes on May 26.

In the past couple of weeks, a group of deputies presented a motion to extend the time frame given to the Legislative Assembly for another 18 months.

However, this Tuesday, May 19, 33 deputies voted against this motion.

“Same sex marriage is a reality in Costa Rica, no one will change this, not even in 18 or 25 months, the only thing we would be doing is prolonging a situation that we should have not prolonged to begin with”, commented Carlos Ricardo Benavides, congressman.

“We should not stand on the way of other people that want to live their love, enjoy their own family, and we should not deny protection of the state which we are obligated to grant to everyone”, stated Benavides.

In this way, same sex couples will be able to get married as of May 26.

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